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Honey's Kimchi: Where Everything Can Be as Sweet as Honey

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They actually got me on the first bite! Their proud Beef Stew specialty deserves a loud applause. This is what I've been looking for when it comes to a fine budget meal since most of us Filipinos are really into the more affordable and little bit sweet and little bit salty dishes that easily pleases our appetite. I feel like I want to eat more rice to accompany this amazing viand. So simple yet so filling. It can be truly considered the star of the show at their simple food spot at the food court of SM North EDSA.

Honey's Kimchi may look so small since they are normally located at food courts, yet if you really want to get value for your money, you'll have to try out their reasonably priced but tasty meals with the most expensive being only P140. Wow! These are affordable meals suited for minimum wage earners and even students with very little budget.

But why do they call it Honey's Kimchi? Well, Honey is the pet name of the Filipino owners (husband and wife calling each other "honey"), and Kimchi is among their specialty as well. It's their popular side dish that goes really well with all their meals. By now you've probably realized that you'll find more than just kimchi at Honey's Kimchi.

For the information of those who don't know yet, kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish made of seasoned vegetables usually based on cabbage. It can be fresh like a salad or fermented. Most popular varieties are spicy and you can eat it along side almost every meal. The versatility of kimchi makes it great to use in everyday cooking.

Beef Stew (P 140)
The Beef Stew has the right amount of sweetness that you won't get tired of  You'll surely re-order this on your next visit. I enjoyed every piece of this dish that I could probably eat this forever if I really want to save but enjoy my meals at any time of the day.

Pork BBQ (P 120)
The BBQ meals comes with "toge" or monggo sprouts and a cup of rice. Just like our famous "silog" value meals, Honey's Kimchi has these combo meals with choices of chicken, pork, and beef, plus there's the burger steak.

Satisfying Pork BBQ, Chicken BBQ, Beef BBQ, and Burger Steak meals that's almost as sweet as the Beef Stew. You'll enjoy the sweet, and spicy, taste of these meals paired with their quality kimchi. Trust me when I say that you'll be back for more.

Beef BBQ (P 120)
All chicken, pork and beef meat BBQ varieties are sweet and tender. They've obviously mastered the technique in great cooking these type of meals since the owners have been in the business for several years already. I think they also have spicy versions of these meals too.

As told by Bry Ramirez, daughter of the owner, her mother Erlinda Ramirez used to be just the cashier of the original Kimchi restaurant owned by a Korean. She eventually got promoted to a higher position and a few years later was awarded one of the branches which they grew into many more branches in the Philippines. They are now accepting franchising opportunities to interested businessmen out there who would like to try running a Honey's Kimchi restaurant.

Chicken BBQ (P 120)
Many have memorable days with the Kimchi restaurant brand and thus being able to dine at it again and taste the original recipe brings back a lot of unforgettable memories from yesteryears.

Burger Steak (P 99)
Burger Steak goodness is not at the other fast food restaurants with mascots. Its at Honey's Kimchi. This meal is a lot filling and flavorful than any other version I've tasted.

Chapchae (P 69)
There's also the Chapchae, another Korean dish normally made from sweet potato or cellophane noodles, with shredded beef and vegetables, and stir fried in sesame oil. The Honey's Kimchi version is also sweet and tasty. It is served garnished with sesame seeds and served hot or cold.

Spicy Squid (P 120)
The Spicy Squid, as the name implies is spicy but tolerable. It is also widely known that squid is more expensive than chicken, pork or beef so  the serving comes smaller than the BBQ meals but equal in size as the Chapchae. There are shredded vegetables with the dish and sesame seed garnish on top.

Sukiyaki (P 85)
The Sukiyaki is more commonly a Japanese dish served as a stew or soup served in the hot-pot style. More yummy vegetables for me with this dish that normally has thin slices of beef with it.  It's called sukiyaki because the word "yaki" means "sautee" or "grill" in Japanese. The beef in sukiyaki is sauteed in a hot skillet.

It's quite reasonably priced and the taste of the soup broth is superb.This would go great alone or with rice.

Kimchi (P 25)
Of course, who could forget the kimchi. For a very affordable price of P 25, I could probably buy a couple for take-out so I can experience dining with it at home, or I could probably sneak it in at other restaurants when I'm assigned far from Honey's Kimchi. This is spiciness that doesn't sting.

I'm very fortunate that there are two branches near me so I could easily visit their branches again for more opportunities to dine on their dishes. Here's hoping there's always Beef Stew whenever I visit.

Honey's Kimchi has branches at: SM North EDSA, EDSA Shangri-La Mall , Robinson's Galleria, SM MOA Hypermarket, SM Hypermarket Mandaluyong, SM City Bacoor and Fisher Mall.

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  1. As we all know, the kpop industry is booming in our country, the Philippines, along with its oozing popularity is the desire of the Filipinos and fams alike to have a taste or experience Korean traditions and delicacies. Honey's Kimchi not only offers an authentic Korean dining experience, it also incorporates and merges some Filipino traditions along with it. As I have read, they also offer combo meals like that of a silog which is a popular meal here. It is also the first time I heard a restaurant offer monggo sprouts along with its meals. Since some of its branches are close to my place, I might encourage my family to dine there the next time we go out.

  2. I am a fan of spicy foods and I personally like Korean Kimchi. I would love to try their own version of it. Maybe I'll encourage my family to have a dinner here.

  3. Their beef stew looks really delicious :) Yum

  4. All the food is really good and delicious. Also the price for each meal is worth it. Even though it's a different food but still it look so good! -IV-Marx

  5. Knowing kimchi as often spicy and sour, this new taste/style of presenting kimchi is really amazing and mouthwatering!

  6. I could already taste them from how they look! It made my stomach grumble...Despite it's delicious and mouthwatering looks, it also has an ambiance of somewhat Korean background.

  7. Reasonable price and a very innovative way of presenting each dish that's surely going to be attracting more customers in the near future.

  8. Wow :) It looks so delectable. And the place looks so inviting.

  9. It's a cool way of presenting their dish. It looks like it has a very pleasant food and ambience.


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