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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: 12 Stars

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Is it true that you cannot trust anybody even if you were friends for a long time? They say it's because people are prone to jealousy and selfishness. Time will soon change their attitude and behavior especially when they feel they should get more of what they are having right now.

We should learn to read emotions and expressions of people and try to unlock the mystery behind those faces that may somehow show their real feelings towards you.

In a world full of "chameleons," nobody has permanent and real friends. Every one eventually changes in time depending on their needs and wants. Soon enough, their ultimate goals will surface and you'll soon discover their real intentions, or at least, their once hidden desires and longings.

Sometimes, we would suddenly realize that we too have changed, either for the better or for the worst. It's all about survival in a world where the strong, affluent and influential remains among those that stood a greater chance to succeed. Also, sometimes, we will realize that everything happens for a reason, perhaps to make room for something better in our lives.

Please read on below for our original short story for the day.

The light coming from the sun passes through my window wakes me up. It’s like greeting me ‘Good Morning! Time to wake up sleepy head!’ That’s why I remembered that today is our first day of classes.

When I stood up, I was shocked because I only have 20 minutes to prepare! I will be late! Oh no. I don’t want to have a late mark on my report card on the first day. By the way, I am Celeste, long haired, brown eyes, 5’5 and I love violet.

In my 17 years of existence in this world, I am already in college taking Architecture. I want to build my own house where I can release all my stress and enjoy my life. I consider myself lucky because my house I just 5 blocks away from my school.

While running I saw my best friend Kriss, 17 years old and taking also Architecture. She has these green eyes that I really like, long haired, loves pink and 5’3. I am so happy to see her because she went to Bohol this summer while I went to Hong Kong to visit my grandparents. I immediately called her and as soon as she recognized my voice, she turned around and shows her brightest smile.

We greeted each other and went to our school together. Even though we have the same school and course, we’re not classmates and it sucks because I want Kriss by my side all day.

As usual, first day was boring because you keep on repeating your name every subject to be recognized by your teachers and it’s very tiring. As soon as the bell rang, I immediately ran to Kriss’ classroom because we’re going to eat together.

When I am almost at their room, I saw Kriss talking to a guy. Unlike me, Kriss is so friendly and talks to almost all people she encountered. Hmm… I smell something fishy here. I think bessie already found her true love. She called and introduced me to her new friend. His name is Adam. Well he’s handsome but I still don’t know with the attitude.

We went to the cafeteria to buy our foods. Adam is nice and he is really funny. We easily get along with each other and also, Adam offered to bring us home. We hesitate at first but we accepted it after sometime. Kriss’ house is nearer than mine so she’s the first one who went down to the car. We bid our goodbyes and we did our best friend’s handshake. After several minutes, Adam went outside and opens the door for me. I felt myself blushed and tried to hide it. He bids me goodbye and go back to his car. I don’t know why he did that maybe because it’s his way of showing respect. Maybe, just maybe.

Kriss, Adam and I became good friends. We hang out a lot and I can be myself in front of them, well, for Adam particularly. Every day that we’re spending time together, I’m building a crush on Adam because he’s so sweet, gentleman, caring, and he’s fun to be with. I’m afraid to tell it to Kriss maybe because I don’t want to know if like me, she has crush on him. I don’t my best friend to be my mortal enemy. That’s why I decided just to be friends with Adam. But every day, Adam is giving me many reasons to fall for him until I finally accept that I have already fall in love with this guy. That’s why I’ve decided to talk to him and tell him that I love him and I found the perfect time to confess: On my 18th birthday.

Prince and Princesses is the theme of my debut. I know it sounds childish but ever since I was a little girl, I want to have a royal debut where we are going to dress like princesses, look like princesses and feel like princesses.

As what I have mentioned, I don’t have any friends except Kriss and Adam so I told my dad to invite his friends’ daughter to join me in my party. I am wearing a purple dress with diamond sequence together with a glass shoes and a violet fan. I am also wearing a light make- up so that the make- up will not alter my simple face.

I am so excited for this party because this is the first time that I confess to a guy. After several minutes, I saw Kriss walking gracefully wearing a pink dress with ribbon around her waist and also a glass shoes. We look like twins. I hugged her tight and pull her to my room. I told her my plan for tonight. She was a bit shocked because she didn’t know anything about my plan but I can also see sadness in her green eyes. There is this idea that crossed my mind why she acts like that but I tend to ignore it.

Finally, the program starts, I asked Adam to be my escort for tonight and he accepted it. When my dad finally introduced me, I hold my chin up and walk confidently around. I saw the smile in Adam’s face while were walking and it gives me much confidence to confess.

After that, we asked the guest to eat and continue the enjoyment later it’s because later, I will confess my feelings to Adam. While eating, Adam excused himself for a while and when he came back he looked worried and sad. He said that his grandmother died and he needs him there. I am about to stop him but he’s already gone but when I accidentally looked on Kriss face, I don’t know but she’s wearing a grin in her face. We end the program early because of what happened.

I went to our rooftop and to relax my body and to forget all the bad things that happened. I observed that there were several stars in the sky and remembered what my grandmother said. She said that if you count stars in the sky and you count 12 stars exactly, your wish will become true. So I tried to count.


Eleven. I still need one but I can’t find anything. Because of frustration I stood up and I am about to go inside but there’s something I saw and it really breaks my heart into tiny pieces. I saw Adam and…….. Kriss. Kissing. Passionately. I don’t know but I can’t move and my eyes are fixed in them. I saw Adam smile and I heard Kriss giggled. It was so heartbreaking until I realized that there were tiny tears dropping one by one from my eyes. I ran and ran until I fall but it did not stop me. I continue to run until I bumped into someone. He helped me stand and there’s one thing that I saw. His shirt. He is wearing a shirt with a large star in the middle and so I say,

…. 12

I smiled when I saw it, and finally looking in his face.

Contributed by Carmela Calago

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  1. The ending was great :) The story shows that time can really change one‘s attitude and behavior. Great plot :)

  2. You have a great story right there. Your title caught my attention and i did not regret that i read your work. I really like the ending. Good Job!

  3. Very nice :) Your story tells us that people are like stars... there are many of them but only the true people will shine the brightest. There is nothing permanent in this world because we are always changing. hahaha keep up the good work. :D

  4. I like the story since it reveals the truth about life and that is there's no such thing as "friends" when it comes to the things or people that we want to have/ to be with. It's just unfortunate for Celeste since it's her bestfriend that became her rival with the one she loves but I don't think it's Kriss' fault that she also fell in love with Adam. What's wrong about what she did is that she didn't tell her bestfriend what's really the score between her and Adam but instead she rubbed it on her face that Adam is hers by letting Celeste see that they're kissing, (this is just my conclusion) and on Adam's case, he should have talked to Celeste than lying to her.


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