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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Deepest Regret

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Rachel, I'm saying these things to you because I want you to learn from my mistake. From what I observe, you're still living in the past. You can't move on because your mind says so. That it was your father's fault. But, Rachel, it was an accident. You should not accuse your father because he can't do that. He loves his family so much. He loves your mother and you very much."

Rachel Evergreen is the main character of the story. She got in an accident two years ago with her parents. Because of the accident, her personality changed from a jolly and friendly person into a taciturn and close-minded person. Her feelings for her father also changed because she believes that it was her father’s fault why her mother died in the car accident. She acquired Herplex Boolemia from the accident, which means that the heart is not functioning normally and may stop beating because of extreme shock.

The theme of the story is about regrets. These are things that you have the chances to do it but you didn’t do it. This is the saddest thing you will realize in the result of your decisions.

An intriguing story that is worth reading by all. Please appreciate our short story for the day.

“Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don't. Because in the end, you never know what you have until you lose it, and once you lost it, you can never get it back..."

"Mommy, Mommy, please don't leave me" a girl cried. Her shirt was now wet with tears and have stains of blood. She has been crying over the whole time since her parents were brought here in the hospital after a car accident happened. Her father got a minor injury but her mother acquired a severe damage and is on a critical condition. She looked weak and helpless that she can't do anything to save her mother.

*Kringgggg Kringggg * the clock alarmed. Rachel immediately woke up and put her hands in her chest while running her breathe.

"Mom!” Rachel shouted.

Ever since her mother died, she is having a dream every night. She cannot completely forget that day, where she saw her mother lying at the hospital bed, blood running all over her body. She was very afraid that day and felt like her heart was torn into pieces.

After a few minutes, she get up and took a bath. Rachel then wear her school uniform and went down to eat breakfast. She saw a man taller than her, waiting at the dining table. He has a black, curly hair, broad shoulders, dark eyes, and slim body. It’s her father, Maxon Evergreen, the only family she has. He is working as a personal driver of a rich family.

"Good morning, princess! Breakfast is ready". Mr. Maxon greeted happily. Rachel didn't say any single word. Her relationship with her father also changed after the accident. She doesn't talk him anymore. She doesn't consider anymore Mr. Maxon as her father. Because she thought that he is the reason why her mother died. Rachel sat at the dining chair and eat her breakfast. Mr. Maxon frowned because of Rachel's reaction. He's been experiencing a cold treatment from her taciturn daughter for two years. He knew that his daughter is blaming her that it was his fault why her mother died. He tried to explain what really happened but she never listened.

Minutes passed by, no one is speaking. Rachel was enjoying her meal and Mr. Maxon was thinking on how to break the silence.

"How's your school?" Mr. Maxon asked. He got no response from her daughter. Rachel just continued eating her meal. But Mr. Maxon didn't give up. He again asked her daughter for the second time.

"Did you take your medicine?" Still, Rachel didn't speak and pretend that she didn't hear anything. Rachel has a problem with her heart. She got it after the accident. The doctor said that she has a Herplex Boolemia, which means that the heart is not functioning normally and may stop beating because of extreme shock. The doctor advise Rachel to take a medicine that may help calm her and for the heart to function normally.

Mr. Maxon can't bare the feeling that he's been experiencing for two years. He thought that this is the right time to confront her daughter. He gathered all his strength and courage to say the words he want to say even if it hurt him.

"Do you ...h-hate me that much?" Rachel stopped what she was doing and for the first time, she looked at her father. She wasn't expecting that kind of question from him. She didn't know what she really feel right now after two years. She recovered for the question of her father and said,

"I lost my appetite" And then she stood up and ready to go to school but then Mr. Maxon repeated the question which made Rachel froze for a moment and turned to her father.

"Yes. I hate you! My mother died because of you. You didn't make a way to save her. You are selfish! You're a worthless father! I don't want to see you anymore! I - hate - you!" With that, she immediately left and went to school.

Rachel is on her third year of high school. She is currently studying at West Essex High School, a school for scholars. Their house is just a 6 blocks away from her school. Her mother died 2 years ago when she was on her first year of high school.

Because of that accident, everything had changed. Rachel, who was a very cheerful and friendly person turned into a recluse person. She also lost her friends because of her changed personality. She became boring and she often speak now. The only friend that Rachel has is Zach, her best friend. He's the only one who understands Rachel's situation.

"Rachel!" A very familiar voice bellowed. She turned and then saw a guy who's taller than her, has a blonde hair, and a fetching face. It’s her best friend, Zach Milby. Zach noticed the mood of Rachel so he thought of a joke. He known Rachel for a long time. They're best friends since childhood. So he knows when Rachel has a problem.

"How do you know that carrots are good for your eyesight?"

"Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses?" Zach joked. He was laughing so hard but it faded when he noticed that Rachel has no reaction and she just continued walking. He knew that it’s about her father again. He couldn't think any more on how to cheer up her best friend. He just gave a long sigh and give Rachel a complete silence to think. He will just talk her after their dismissal about her issue when she forgot her problem.

After the long walked, they now arrived at their school. Zach said goodbye to her best friend with a fake smile. Rachel and Zach were not classmates. Rachel's room is three blocks away from Zach's room. He felt pity for her because of what she is experiencing now. He never saw her smile again nor laugh. But what is he worrying the most is that her relationship with her father. He just wished that she will not feel that kind of feeling. The worst feeling he had experienced ---regrets

Time flew so fast. It was now their dismissal. Rachel is now preparing her things. She was only the one left in their room because she was assigned to clean it. Suddenly, a knock from the door made Rachel stop what she's doing and look at the door. There, she saw her best friend, Zach.

"Want some help?" Zach asked walking towards Rachel and without the approval of her, he grabbed her things. That's what Rachel liked about her best friend. He's gentleman. Rachel just let Zach bring her things since she's used to it. After that, they left the room together.

"Do you have anything to do today?" Zach asked while they are walking. He needs to talk to Rachel to fix the issue about her father. He's anxious that it will get worse for the future days and Rachel would regret it and he did not do anything. He doesn't want to be a useless best friend that's why he's doing this and to not Rachel get hurt when the time comes. He's also doing this because he misses the way Rachel was before. He missed her smile, her laugh, her jolly personality, her sense of humor---everything that made him liked her.

"I have none" Rachel replied without looking at her best friend. Zach took this opportunity to talk to her so he again asked Rachel if she would like to go to the park. Rachel thought for seconds and give her reply with a nod. She thought that this would be better than to stay in the house. She also agreed because she misses their bonding moments together.

When they arrived at the park, people were doing things happily. Children were playing at the playground. Couples were having their quality time together. Families were having their picnic. Teenagers were having photo shoots. People seemed to relish what they are doing But one thing caught her eyes. A father and a daughter were happy playing badminton. Rachel felt something on her heart. She felt jealous of their harmonious relationship. She just looked away and started walking at the vacant bench. It was quite far away from the people. Zach just followed her and sat at the bench too.

"You're lucky" a statement from Zach came from which made Rachel stared at her best friend and give him a confusing look. She didn't know what that was for until he told his story. “When my parents are still here, I've been a very bad son. All I did is to disobey them. Every time they have a favor to ask, I won't mind it. I also don't go with them to have a family bonding. Because for me, it will just be boring. I enjoyed mostly whenever I'm with my friends. I don't usually show my affection to them. But now, now that they're gone, I regret all the things I did." Rachel don't know what to react in this kind of serious conversation. But one thing is for sure, her mind is completely confused.

"Rachel, I'm saying these things to you because I want you to learn from my mistake. From what I observe, you're still living in the past. You can't move on because your mind says so. That it was your father's fault. But, Rachel, it was an accident. You should not accuse your father because he can't do that. He loves his family so much. He loves your mother and you very much." He continued. Rachel didn't get him. She thought that he was on her side. That he's the only one who understand her. But she was wrong. Nobody understands what she is feeling right now. She felt mad at her best friend and she defended her side.

"Don't say it again, Zach, because I don’t believe that. I already knew that he don't love us. My feelings, actions, and behavior towards him, I am just returning the favor. So, please stop defending my father like you knew him." Rachel said controlling her anger. All the things that Rachel said were nothing to Zach. Because he had a reason why he believed that Mr. Maxon loves her.

"He loves you Rachel, he loves y---" Zach said, still holding for what he believed. But he was cut by Rachel, for she is getting angrier to her best friend. "How can you say those words, Zach? You're not the one that who’s beside her. You're just my best friend! You are acting as if you knew him more than me. What I am feeling right now is what will I believe, and that is I don't have a father anymore. “Zach can’t believe that he was affronted by her best friend. “Yeah, I'm just your best friend but I'm doing this because I care for you, a lot." he thought of himself.

"You're sick, right?" Rachel was shocked for what her best friend said. She didn't tell him about her illness. No one knows about this except her father. "H-how d-did y-you k-now?" she asked, still wearing her shocked expression.

"I saw your father at the hospital. He was talking with a doctor then after that they entered in the doctor's room. I stayed a little longer because I was curious for what is your father doing in the hospital. After a few minutes, your father left the room and went to the exit. There, I got the chance to talk to the doctor that your father met. Then there, I found out that he signed a contract. A contract saying that his heart will be given to you when he pass away." Rachel didn't move nor utter a single word because of what she had knew. She was stunned at the moment she heard the side of her best friend. She couldn't absorb what she had heard because it’s hard to believe.

“I-I thought h-he didn't l-love us" She said to herself.

*Riingggg Riinggggg* the mood changed because of a phone call from Rachel. It’s from an unregistered number. Rachel felt nervous that it will be some bad news. But then she answered despite many things running in her mind thinking the possible things that will happen.

"Good morning Ma'am. Is this Ms. Rachel Evergreen?"

"Yes, i-its m-ee. W-why?"

"I’m sorry ma’am. Your father, Mr. Maxon Evergreen got in an accident. Please come see hi-----"

Rachel slowly dropped her phone. She's asking by Zach what happened for many times but she's still in shock. She was completely shock and she can't breathe. She put her hands to her chest running for air. Zach still asking her if she's okay but she seems no care about her surroundings. All she cares about is her father. She couldn't believe that the last words she had spoken to her father were "I hate you." Her eyes is slowly closing. But before her eyes were completely closed, tears fell down to her cheeks. And then everything went black.

Contributed by Erwin Cayl Cabangal

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  1. This story is really amazing! This story made me realize that we need to cherish every moment with our loved ones even if they did something wrong that made us angry or disappointed we just need to forgive them.I know forgiving someone that made you hate them so much is kind of a hard thing to do, but come on life is short and this story shows that. Life is short that you need to live in peace rather than to live in regrets. Over all, I really love this story!


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