Monday, September 15, 2014

David Blaine Performs Real or Magic at Smart Araneta Coliseum

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The street magician levels up with his world tour which ends in the Philippines at a shocking 10.29 minutes of staying underwater without any form of breathing equipment.

David Blaine proves he is no ordinary magician as he bewilders the crowd with his death-defying stunts that made everyone cringing and worried for his life. His magic are unexplainable even when it seems so easy for him. I even thought he was going to reveal the solution behind one of his tricks but he actually made it more complicated to unravel how he really did it.

The Smart Araneta Coliseum was filled with fans that got more than glimpses of his performances as some of the crowd were asked to participate in the actual magic tricks on stage. First to join him were three individuals, mostly kids (two of which are girls and one boy) who were baffled by the ingenious card tricks.

This was after David drank three gallons of water, which seemed so simple yet everyone should know that it is quite difficult for the body to drink that much amount of water. But what really impressed us was how he used the water he drank to turn off the fire he started.

Again, the method of which he started the fire was also as enigmatic as he started it using the fammable liquid he earlier drank after the three gallons of water. He then used the water to turn off the fire. Yup, the water that was already inside his body was miraculously used to extinguish the fire. How many people can actually do that.

Another mystery is the trick with the ice pick that was punctured on his hand by a family. We all saw how the ice pick penetrated David's hand and went poking on the other side of his hand almost passing through yet there was no blood visible. That was not an easy form of trickery especially when its performed together with people from the audience whom he only met that day. No practice, no rehearsal. Everything was impromptu and instantaneous.

Three other set of performers presented some for of magic on stage so that David can prepare for his finale trick. One was amazing with how flexible his body was, another one seemed to be a stand-up comic yet he also surprised us with his rope trick, and the third one got our attention with both his unexplained pick-a-number and Rubics cube trick.

David broke his world tour record when he made the longest time submerged under water. The length of 10.29 minutes was the longest time he ever made for the entire tour and we are proud to have our country be the venue of the record-breaking feat.

Some would probably think David Blaine is not human. There are times you may think he is probably alien, or a being with powers beyond human. But one thing is for sure, he made us believe he is extraordinary!

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