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UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2014: NU Making Headlines, UP Making History

UAAP Cheerdance Competition 

Wazzup Pilipinas!
The UAAP Cheerdance Competition for 2014 was "makapanindig-balahibo" to the extreme as we find the National University (NU) depending its title while the University of the Philippines (UP) tried to reclaim.

Undoubtedly, there were several amazing moves and stunts! But we can't remove the fact that those skills were over-shined by the message UP was able to convey to the audience. "Pantay-pantay" or all equals, if translated roughly, but we all get the point especially when they passed around the "rainbow" among the crowd.

We all send our congratulations to every school that participated especially for the buwis-buhay stunts that they made, or failed to perfect for some. Many are saying that "while NU will make the headlines tomorrow, UP made a history."

My timeline feed was all about the event ongoing at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Cubao Quezon City which is probably in terrible traffic right after the cheerdance competition not only because of the rains, but also because of the sudden number of fans going home.

The National University (NU) bagged the 1st place at the UAAP Cheerdance 2014 while the University of the Philippines (UP) places at 2nd and University of Santo Tomas (UST) finishes at 3rd. NU deserved the crown for great precision. Yet, UP earned our respect for their vision of equality. UST can be praised for their creativity. Also, the UAAP Cheerdance Competition would never be this exciting and entertaining without reading out-of-this-world memes & boneless tweets! Bashing at it's finest!

Champion: NU (677.5 pts) 1st Runner Up: UP (658 pts) 2nd Runner Up: UST (625 pts). Kudos to all teams! Congratulations to all the winners.

UAAP Cherdance Competition

All eight schools have delivered impressive routines! Congratulations to whoever took home the #UAAPCDC2014 crown! I can't be the judge! My mind is so twisted right now!! Daming magaling! Which school do you really think deserved the championship this year?

The competitive heat was felt really strong. Someone tore that moving rainbow flag of the UP Pep Squad...NU ripped UP Babaylan's Pride Flag when it reached their side. Though we condemn the act of destroying of the rainbow flag that was passed around Araneta, NU still deserves the title. Let's all admit that. Disregarding what they did to the UP rainbow flag. However, some people are saying it is not true that NU ripped the rainbow flag. It just got completely ripped by the time it reached them. Across all squads, the UP Pep Squad was the only one who had an advocacy. We commend them for that!

The defending champs on the floor with a Native-American inspired routine! The projected themes don't earn the points, technicalities do. UP and NU just happened to be great in both. I totally buy the equality theme of UP but, you gotta be real, look at the #UAAPCDC2014 criteria again! NU nailed it based on those.

Other may say that "UP bent boundaries and stereotypes, while others bent, well...themselves," I am still impressed with the babaeng possesed, bale-katawan - flexible buto girl of NU. Ang lambot naman ng ktawan ni claire cristobal.. Halos mabali na spine nya.. Wala na atang buto yun.

UP holds the most titles in the #UAAPCDC w/ 18 combined wins, & has never been out of the Top 3 since 1995. The UP Pep Squad takes to the floor sporting the colors of the rainbow to represent equality. Umulan man o bumagyo, ilabas ang B-A-H-A-G-H-A-R-I!!! I was wondering if they will be reclaiming the crown? We still love you UP Pep Squad. :) It's not about who you beat. It's about who you inspire. NU wins the title, UP wins the hearts of the people.

The national university (UP) vs. National University (NU) for the title. Whatever the results UP get, it's the advocacy that counts. And they performed it very well. However, let's not forget that it's a cheerdance competition, not a statement contest. UP performed perfectly and the message is priceless. That's all that will matter. That's everything we need to remember.

UAAP Cherdance Competition 

True to their theme of equality, UP gallery flipped their cards to reflect ALL school colors. Mga tapon na parang sinukat. Great tosses NU! Great heights great blockings great stiffs. Perfect routine from NU, but you'll be forgotten in a year. UP's theme will be immortal. If there was also an award for Best Costume / Best Uniform, I'd give that to  the UP Pep Squad. NU's routine may be (almost) flawless. But UP made a big statement with its equality theme. UP's performance made a statement. Guys being carried by the girls! UP Pep Squad cheers for equality! Years from now, they would be remembered for that. Win or Lose.
My favorite routine by the UP is still the Madonna one, but this equality routine is special in its own way. Ganda! Very now!

I like the simplicity of Adamson's uniform but perhaps it was too simple. Sponsored by bunny jeans ang dating. The AdU Pep Squad searching for gold with their pirate-inspired performance!

DLSU had an intergalactic performance. DLSU Animo Squad formed a star. Way better than Sailormoon. Much much better. Science project pala ito, make a model of the planets in motion. DLSU cheers as "Army of the Universe" . The bow and arrow now turned into a lighting sword! Susyalen ang props! So forming images on the floor is also a thing this year.

Ateneo Blue Babble Batallion with its navy-inspired performance. Their making waves with a nautical themed routine.

I wonder what was with the Chinese theme. Ang lakas ng Chinese influences. Now I can declare that the theme is inspired by the "Scarborough Shoal" except for UP that was "Rainbow Brite."

UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe's Dragon dance with its hardhitting martial arts-themed routine. The last time UST won the title was in 2006, the same year it also last won the basketball crown. It's cute the first time. but after seeing it 3x in a row, the orient is no longer cute, uste. isip nman tayong ibang theme.

FEU consistently carried through w/ their yinyang theme. The FEU Cheering Squad is putting on a Shaolin-inspired routine. Despite difficulties on some stunts, they were calm & focused. A lot better than the first, and they're sticking to their name: Far East. Good job.

What can you say about the ethnic-themed performance of the UE Pep Squad. It seems like they are having difficulties in coordination & execution of stunts & routines. They had difficult pyramids but failed to deliver 100%. Thank you UE, and the other competitiors who didn't made it to the list of winners, for your wonderful Intermission Numbers.

Laos na ang trivial, pop culture themes. Enter ideas, concepts, thoughts and causes. Marami niyan sure next year, including more "flying men."

Goodbye POMPOMS. Hello: -Treasure chests -Light sabers -Feathers -Chinese lamps -Planets

Ubos boses; ubos battery ng phone at powerbank. Ubos din memory ng phone.

UAAP Cheerdance Competition Tally Sheet 2 

UAAP CDC 2014 Group Stunts Competition Winners:
Champion - FEU
1st runner-up - UST
2nd runner-up - NU

UAAP Cheerdance Competition Tally Sheet

UAAP CDC 2014 Official Ranking:
1. NU
2. UP
3. UST
4. Adamson
5. FEU
7. UE
8. Ateneo

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  1. It seems like the NU have achieved a lot for this season. They've been winning a lot of competitions and this just adds to one of their successes that they will be claiming for the next years. :)

  2. Wow! Two very competitive universities fighting for different agendas - the crown and the heart of the masses. NU, upon winning, got the crown with a back-to-back claim which was superb! Meanwhile, UP ranked 2nd only but made a big impact upon the heart of the Filipino people. Congratulations to both schools!

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