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Profilers of the Unknown: Ghost Tour with the Paranormal Investigators

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I was really hoping I could see a ghost during my lifetime. I'm your typical skeptic who would love to dare everything around me. I feel that life is too short that I want to experience everything possible. My bucket list is so full I need a second, and third one perhaps...or maybe an infinite number just to satisfy my thirst for the unexplained.

I have that real desire to find out the truth behind the mysterious and enigmatic. You cannot imagine the huge overwhelming persistence to get out there and discover the answers to our many questions. There are so many things I would prefer to tackle directly and upfront, and confronting ghosts are among them.

Ghosts are said to be former living beings that could not separate themselves from the worldly desires. They couldn't leave our world and are doomed to repeat a portion of their lives endlessly. It's like an incomplete task that needs to be fulfilled somehow. But no one could really provide an explanation that is fully supported by logical, technical and scientific evidences. There would always be disbelief when there are so many baffling questions looming around.

The eerie gate of the mansion

The Ghost Tour organized by a friend of mine was something I really looked forward to. I left an event half-way just so I would not miss the chance to be part of this amazing "tour. In the end it was really a "tour" per se since my expectations were not satisfied, and I only got a tour of a mansion and its eccentric interiors.

I did not see any ghost. I never saw any flying or levitating objects swirling around a room. I didn't see any shadowy figure or felt any cold spots for me. I didn't hear any howling or whispers anywhere. So sad.

Some would say only the people with a "third eye" are capable of seeing, feeling, and hearing the after-life. My colleagues would claim they did feel something. Some of them heard these souls. Some of them felt the shivers when a cold presence passed by them. But could it be just the wind playing with their minds.

We are not allowed to tell exactly where we went on a Ghost Tour so our readers wouldn't really have a chance to try it out on their own by directly going there. But there's this group called the Profilers of the Unknown who call themselves Paranormal Investigators rather than Ghost Hunters. They say their big difference is that they seek answers to the questions, unlike ghost hunters that do less. They try to give a probable reason why ghosts are behaving that way. They try to give meaning to why ghost are wandering around in many places. 

The Profilers of the Unknown

You may contact Jade Martin, their Founder and Team Leader, who is very much entertaining to all the participants during the ghost tour. Though we had a few setback waiting for a few of her teams to show up. We sort of lost the excitement and momentum when we had to wait for a few hours before starting the tour.

Even if I did not see a ghost, the house we visited was a total ghostly experience. Some parts of the creepy yet majestic mansion were made from tombstones. You can still see the dates pertaining to the date of birth and death of the deceased. The huge mansion had so much space that it is not surprising unexplained elements may be "camping" on certain areas of the structure. If they are ghosts or spirits of the dead, I wouldn't really know. Whoah! The mansion even had huge attics where one had a basketball court.

You may contact them if you feel you are having "ghost" problems and they will do their best to help you permanently solve your problems with a more effective and holistic approach. And no, they are not ispiritistas. There are so many paranormal activities that scientific methods can permanently stop. In most cases, the victims of these evil spirits only need to strengthen their faith. 

Just some of the daring bloggers with Jade Marin and associate

"The devil only has 3 intention ---> to steal, to kill and to destroy. He will take away your faith, joy, freedom and peace, to name a few. Some homes that sought our help are bothered by paranormal activities created by evil spirits. Do not let the devil take away what the universal GOD has given you. Don't ever be the devil's willing victim."

Well, you can find the Profilers of the Unknown on Facebook:

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