Monday, July 7, 2014

Icon Manila 2014: Makes Me Wish I Followed My Dreams

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I am a frustrated artist. I loved to draw during my younger years. I even had my own line of characters similar to the popular groups back when I was still studying. Name all the cartoons and I had my own version patterned after them. My own superhero team, my own transforming robots, my own creations with their distinct personalities, costumes and personal backgrounds.

I could have been a Fine Arts student, but my parents said there was no future in the arts. They were implying, but obviously stating, that there's no financial assurance in drawing, sketching, painting, or whatever form it may be.

I ended up taking an Engineering course from one of the reputable colleges in Manila. But even until now after graduation and several employments with top-notch multi-national corporations and organizations, I somehow still feel incomplete and empty. I keep longing for opportunities to apply my artistry and creativity. Some could probably see it in my past works - I was always appointed as the presentation master since I was great at Powerpoint,, the one who draws for the assignments or homeworks of my cousins, and the one who prepares announcement posters for the company. They chose me because they can see that I know how to match colors that will look good. I have an eye for beauty as I lay-out posters and ads, - in other words - the desire to be creative always shines out in almost everything that I do.

Attending the Icon Manila 2014 event made me realize that these guest artists share a common story with me. Not all of them intended to be an artist. Most of them ended up at their work because the passion was there. It seems noone really can be stopped if there is passion inside still burning and yearning to get out. No amount of opportunity will be reason enough if there was no passion. For them, when the opportunity came, they grabbed it. Some may have worked for it all of their life, but it would have not lasts if there was no passion.

Icon Manila 2014 brings together a few popular artists who share one common vision. To bring their creations to life and share it with everyone. The artists here have more than just the reason for living why they are working as an artist. May it be to fascinate, to express their thoughts, or to bring out their creativity. All of them have an inner child inside them that is constantly glad that they have a medium where they can show the world that life is more than just the real world. They believe that artworks is a reflection of  their lives, and could also become a reality if we would all share a common goal and unite as one.

The SMX Convention Center of the mall of Asia Complex was witness to the presence of personalities like Marcelo Vignali, Stephen Silver, John Butiu, James Finch, Vance Kovacs, and Armand Serrano. It is the entertainment design conference where top industry designers shared their passion and design philosophies crossing over animation, live action, games, advertising and illustration.

There were man students and design professionals who flocked at the venue to listen to these personalities share their experience and get tips, mingle and get autographs and sketches, and best of all get photo ops.

There is no impossibility in animation. We can make everything happen. With the continuous advancement in technology, a lot of other possibilities can be accomplished if we truly believe in it.

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