Monday, June 30, 2014

Toycon 2014: Toys for the Big Boys

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Apparently, the Toycon this year is more than just a toy convention. It has evolve into something more...I couldn't really grasp the words right now...but it's definitely more like a toys for the big boys convention.

Gone are the majority of kids ogling at toys that were usually meant to play with. The toys at the Toycon are mostly high-priced items or collectibles that are intended to be framed, cased and displayed. You will rarely see a kid playing with a toy during the event. It's usually their fathers who were more eager to be there.

Cosplayers are also everywhere and they are mostly playing the part of anime, games, movies and fantasy characters. They may have toy equivalents but most of them didn't start out as a toy.

And what was this news about an all-girl group that even performed a lap dance? Insanity! Put that away please for there are still kids around!!!

The Toycon was an over-all success...but it had a peculiar stench still lingering for those who have witnessed that atrocious first day fiasco that was overwhelming as well.

I understand that boys of these age bracket probably have raging hormones (that's why sexy cosplayers are popular) but there's a proper place for all of these "lewdness" and not at a toy convention. I would have thought it was tolerable if they were cosplaying characters. But they were cosplaying themselves.


I'm worried about the kids who look up to Toycon as a venue where they can see and play with toys applicable to their age. But it seems Toycon is not an event for all ages. It's better off recommended for 18 years old and above so it more likely deserves a Restricted ranking instead.

But who am I to say otherwise. I guess the organizers listen to their libido, or the sponsorship and partnership with other organizations. They have forgotten what the Toycon was meant to be.

Toycon still rules! and how I would love to see a girl on top driving me crazy. But hell! This should be a private affair and not for everyone to see. I guess I still have feel shame within me.

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