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My Magical Experience at Enchanted Kingdom

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"True friends will always stay by your side even when life goes up and down, round and round like a carousel."The last destination of Pasig City Science High School's education tour was at Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna.

Even though the weather was hot that day of February 20,2014 when we had our field trip, and arrived at Enchanted Kingdom around 1:00 in the afternoon, it didn't stop us from waiting in line just to be able to try the best rides at Enchanted Kingdom.

My friends and I were very excited because among the three places that we've gone to, Enchanted Kingdom was our most-awaited destination. It's not like it was our first time to visit EK but rather it was our first time to go there together. Since we were not allowed to bring food inside, we just brought our wallets to buy food and gadgets to take pictures.

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One thing about Enchanted Kingdom was that I never got bored after already having gone there several times. Once you've played a game, you just can't stop trying unless you get a very big stuffed toy. I tried playing one of their games because the giant panda toy was so cute and looked so cuddly but the game was just too hard for me. And all of their rides were extremely exciting, the long line was definitely worth waiting for.

I spent my five-hours stay in Enchanted Kingdom with my friends and though we spent half of that time waiting in line, never once did we regret it. We rode the very high and terrifying EKstreme ride where we felt that we were above everyone else when we're at the top. And as we fell down that ride, all my attempts to keep my eyes open banished as I let myself scream and closed my eyes shut.

Riogrande Rapids was one of my favorite rides in Enchanted Kingdom. Never once did I missed riding on it everytime I go to EK and I never got tired of going there again and again. I enjoyed the ride even more because I was with my friends and we were all having fun.

At first, I thought that we might not make it in time because it was already 3:30pm when we decided to ride this one and we were only allowed to stay until 5 in the afternoon. There were three stages of the waiting line: First line was outside, the second line was inside and the third line was on the second floor. I really hoped I wouldn't get splashed by the waterfall but unfortunately, the boat turned and two of us got our whole body wet with water.

Since it was already 4:40 pm when we got out of Riogrande Rapids, we decided to just stroll around Enchanted Kingdom even though we were literally dripping with water and take pictures of ourselves. It was one of the most memorable moments when we just get to walk around that area and laugh among ourselves.

The law-breaking students that we were, we decided to stay for another thirty minutes in EK and rode the Grand Carousel. The line was very short and we also wanted to get dry fast so we rode the carousel among with the kids and a few adults supervising their children. It didn't hurt to feel like an eight-year old again and ride a horse.

The small amount of time given to us to enjoy our stay in Enchanted Kingdom was the only thing I hated about our Field Trip. Not only my friends and I, but almost all of the students were complaining because they only got to ride less than four rides and some who chose to ride the Space Shuttle only got to ride that one for their whole stay.

It made all of us sad because we still want to stay and enjoy being in Enchanted Kingdom with our friends and classmates. But nevertheless, I think everyone enjoyed their ride home. I, for one, had fun talking, eating, and laughing with my friend while we were on the bus. We exchanged our epic stories and experience in Enchanted Kingdom. With a click on a camera, we captured and froze that moment where we were all enjoying ourselves and there was no time limit for happiness.

Contributed by Rizelle R. Hubilla

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  1. Just like others who shared their unforgettable moments in our field trip last Feb. 20, I also appreciate yours. I agree with your statement that we still want to stay and enjoy in EK but unfortunately, we can't. Even though that's the case at least we still enjoyed the trip :)

  2. Going to Enchanted Kingdom is really like a magical experience. Going with friends enjoying every moment with them is really fun.

  3. Thanks for the memories! Nice article!! :) Keep it up.


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