Monday, March 3, 2014

Almost There to Senior Years

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Hello there fellow batchmates! 

Don't you get the feeling of being a senior already? In just a short span of time we're already becoming seniors! Time flies so fast! I know that as of right now we are not really thinking of our future senior years but summer. But as for me, I get so excited just by thinking of us graduating together.

So yeah guys, let's scroll back ur time and reminisce our time, may it be hard or easy, together!

We started our class this school year on June 3, 2013.

We didn't really talk much with each other that time and we didn't really care with whom we will be spending our school days. We were also very shy when introducing ourselves in front because we don't want to get embarrassed but some of us already knew each other.

We first tested our cooperation and team work when we joined the "song-making" in our school which was held at the gym. We didn't really won but just by thinking that we, although we crammed and we didn't like to perform, came out a song that we're still singing today makes me happy.

Then there came Pistang Pinoy!

I really remembered that when we were just preparing for the Pistang Pinoy was that we were all fighting because somg of us were not listening, some of us were not even paying attention and some of us were out but even so, our president really took the initiative to get our attention and prolonged her patience just for us to have a fun pistng pinoy, we even have games that I really enjoyed and foods that made me really full and even though it started boringly, admit it, we all went home happy.

credits to:Liezl Joy Bonoan
Next came the English Chamber Theater which is very epic! LOL!

I can vividly remember the time we first had our practice. My classmates were very furious of going home already but it ended them not going home just to finish the practice. I really love you guys.
They stayed and tired theirselves just for that embarrassing day. We all know that we deserve to win for our efforts and we really did thought of what we will do during that presentation but our efforts didn't reach the judges but even so I still have fun just by thinking of those days.
credits to: Liezl Joy Bonoan
Next we have SciOlympics. Class III-Kelvin girls were with the Pink Team (Go Finky Team!) with sir Lamsen and IV-Copernicus.Yes we did out best but we didn't won either but still we had fun right III-Kelvin? Eventhough after that day our classroom smelled like rotten eggs. Ew.

credits to: Kim Manuel
And then we have Teachers day and Foundation day!!! We all wore red shirt that time!

We sang for miss Hazel, our adviser and we even gave gifts to our other teachers. We really crammed during this time but we ended up having a very good time. During the foundation part, we had games at the gym and we almost won. We fought with the seniors coming up with the name Redtube for the third years and Blue Job for the fourth years. Other years are Greenade for grade seven and Yellowet for grade eight.
The games there were very tiring! Some even had bruises and friction burns but they still had fun.
I guess having is what important.
credits to: Liezl Joy Bonoan
And yes! We also have the Exchange Program with the Malaysians.

I think we skipped three days of classes for this program which was very worth it because we all had fun and met new friends, take note, foreigner friends.
During those times, we only use English and Nihongo for our communication.
We were together with IV-Joule which made the program more enjoyable and lively.
Some of my classmates had crushes on the Malaysian boys and some Malaysian boys had crushes with some Pascian.
In my case, I met a cute guy the last day and he is part pf the LIONS CLUB. LOL.
After that three days, we still can't forget about them. We miss them and we will never forget them.
Yes, Filipino tayo eh.

And then we have our favorite, ENGLISH FILM!

Yes, OUR FAVORITE because we just WON the two and only two awards which is "best in movie and best in effects."

Our directors really did their bet to came out such a film. I was really happy that I was a part of Kelvin.
I was very proud because after so many competitions,we finally won.

I also did my best to help my classmates and I think my efforts paid off. 

I can also remember that before we film our movie, we argued.The reason is that we don't know who will do this and that until we decided that it will be Rafael Balayo who will star in this film entitled "William Wilson."

credits to: Kim Manuel
And the lastest and last is the Field Trip.

We were with IV-Lewis that time and even though at first we argued of who will sit in front, we still had fun with them.
There were three itineraries and they were; The Museum, Aguinaldo's Shrine, and EK.
My group really had fun because we sat next to each other and we took lots of pictures together. Also we exchanged seats every time we come to a stop.
Even though I only rode on to two rides in EK I will still call this trip "Best Firldtrip Ever,"

Guys, I love you. so after this summer I'll be happy to see you again. Thanks for all the memories we had during my third year years. I will never forget them. 

And for those seniors who will be graduating.... MAY YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. Congratulations.


Contributed by Shanthy Garcia

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  1. Your article made me reminisce all the moments that Kelvin had this past 8 months. I'm truly proud to be a member of the Kelvin family. We'll still be classmates next school year right? I hope that we would cooperate more with each other next school year :)

  2. I like this article because, one~, I can't help but smile as I remember the moments in the said events. Two~, this article seems to be the summary of our ups and downs as a class and yet we still stand and did our best. And three~, I hope next year would be another great year for us to show our best~!

  3. Your article was really moving. It made me remember all of the happy and sad times we had, and now that we almost seniors, I wonder what will happen next.

  4. This article almost made my cry. I just realized how lucky I am to be a part of III-Kelvin even though sometimes we're having misunderstandings because of some things. Thank you guys for everything, for making my high school life memorable, and for the wonderful friendship. I love you guys!

  5. We had the same topic of article! Wow. Memories like these are indeed feels good to reminisce. No wealth would be enough compared to our friendship. Let's stay strong Kelvin! Love love love.


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