Sunday, March 2, 2014

Educational Field Trip for 2014

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Field trips are structured activities usually done outside the classroom for educational purposes. It can be a brief observational activity at manufacturing plants, factories, museums, heritage sites, zoos or theme parks, or a longer more sustained investigation or project done regularly on a monthly schedule.

Field trips offer the students an opportunity to get exposure outside the "real" world. They get to meet people, attend events, witness how things work and operate, and learn to make connections with others. Students on field trips visit people and places that they are not normally exposed to during the normal school day.

I always make it a point to join our yearly school field trips. My classmates and I are always thrilled to see new and interesting places especially those that are far from where we live. There is always that great feeling of excitement as we create new memories exploring unique and visually attractive sights.

Last February 20, 2014, we had our field trip at The Museum Manila, Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine and Enchanted Kingdom. We had fun and learned new facts about things.

First stop, The Museum Manila, this is where I learned lots of things especially about Chinese, Greek, and Egyptian civilization.

These are some Chinese artifacts in the Chinese gallery of the museum. I really like the last picture which is the Terracotta warriors because I'm amazed how they make them with different facial expressions.

This photo was taken at the replica of the palace in the Forbidden City.

These pictures were taken at the Greek gallery. The first picture is the statue of Aphrodite and Hermes. The second is the Greek coins. I like the way they carved their coins... they really showed their skills in art.

These pictures were taken at the Egyptian gallery. I really like the Nefertiti bust because it's so beautiful and according to history Queen Nefertiti is the most beautiful Queen of Egypt.

Second! These photos were taken at Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine. I really learned a lot in this place especially the secret passageway and also there's a bowling alley in there! And when you look at the ceiling at the second floor... there's a map of the Philippines...eerrr I don't know what map it is... so yeah. The last picture is Aguinaldo's tomb.

This is our class picture...sort of.. at Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine. It's really fun having a tour with your friends, learning new stuffs and smiling with them.

So, since I don't have any pictures at Enchanted Kingdom because we're really excited to ride the rides, so I'm just gonna discuss it. We tried the EKstreme and I'm really really really scared because you're gonna be up high and then you're gonna be dropped suddenly and after that we tried the Anchors Away, it's fun and we were seated at the second to the last seat so you're really gonna be swayed like your heart and soul will be left behind. Since we have limited time, we only tried two rides, still, it's really fun.

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  1. You're lucky because you have 2 rides, because I only have 1. :)

  2. Cute picture. My experience in the field trip was as exciting as yours and I love the photos.


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