Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cocomochi: Japanese Rice Cake with Coconut

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I make desserts almost twice every week. I know that’s probably not the healthiest thing, but it’s what I enjoy doing and I love dessert! This week, I’ve decided to make mochi.

Mochi, a traditional Japanese dessert, is a rice treat I have enjoyed since childhood. Sometimes, mochis are wrapped around ice cream and have it in frozen yogurt shops. If you have seen it before and haven’t tried it, I would definitely urge you to. It’s a small treat that is chewy and slightly sweet and is SO good!

The traditional method of making mochi can be tedious, but nowadays there are other options such as baked, steamed, or microwaveable mochi. In my case, I used the microwavable mochi recipe (probably the easiest of the three). By far, this is one of the easiest recipes for mochi, while it is also tasty, especially when eaten warm. For those of you who want a quick, coconut mochi treat, I would highly recommend this recipe.

The ingredients in this mochi recipe can be easily found at any supermarket. I would suggest to the use the exact ingredients and ratios in the recipe.

COCONUT MOCHI (Japanese Rice Cake)


*      2 Cups Glutinous Rice Flour
*      1 can coconut milk
*      ¾ cup sugar
*      ½ teaspoon vanilla*
*      Cornstarch
*      Food coloring* (I used pink and purple)



1.      Mix all ingredients except Cornstarch in a bowl. Stir until all lumps are gone.
2.      Pour mixture into a glass dish. I used oil to grease the bottom of the dish so it would not stick. Baking paper can also be used.
3.      Microwave for 7 minutes on Medium power, 3 minutes on High power.
4.      Sprinkle cornstarch at the top of mochi.
5.      Cool the mochi for cutting.
6.      Cut the mochi into squares.
7.      Dust the other sides of the mochi with cornstarch after cutting. Enjoy!

You can serve this with green tea on a perfectly cold morning! J

Contributed by: Czarina Ysabel Rentoza

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  1. Your coconut mochi looks delicious! Plus, the ingredients can be found in any supermarket. Perhaps I will ask my mom to buy those ingredients for us to try this at home. Nice article :)

  2. When I tasted the coconut mochi it was really good, it was better than the mochi I used to buy in the supermarket. The way the author added the ingredients and procedures was a nice idea because it will give the readers the way on how to make it.

  3. This is so fun! What a great idea. Also I love how authentic you seem to be.


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