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Field Trip: Precious Memories

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For a student like me, going to field trips is fun and exciting especially when you're with your best friends or with someone whom you are very close. We can only go to these trips during our pre-school, elementary and high school days.

When we grow up and become college students there will be no time for field trips because we will be very busy during these days. Even if we go on trips it will be different because going with someone whom you were friends for how many years and someone whom you only first met will be very awkward.

What I meant by "only first met" is that there will be a chance where we will meet new people, new classmates, new friends and don't have the time to spend with our old friends. Me, I'm already a 3rd year student next school year I'm going to be a 4th year and after that year a college student. Time flies so fast when you're having fun that's why we have to treasure every moment of it.

On February 28 we had a field trip; we went to a museum, Aguinaldo shrine and Enchanted Kingdom. I already visited Aguinaldo Shrine during my elementary or pre-school days, I forgot, and I went to EK when I was in grade 6 up to now. Even if I already went to those places I never get bored because I'm with my friends and I can learn something from it.

In the Museum Manila, it's like we went to China, to ancient Greece and to Egypt. The replicas of the artifacts in there were beautiful and interesting, it really amazed me. Some of the things in there have a counterpart here in the Philippines, for example the rickshaw in China is the counterpart of kalesa in the Philippines.

For each place there were different tour guides who told us some facts regarding the replicas present in there. The tour guide for ancient Greece and Egypt told us some facts that we already know. Like in Egypt there were four jars used for storing parts of the internal organs of the body. Each jar has a different top cover for each internal organ, and in Greece we already know some of the Greek's Gods and Goddesses and their Roman names.

After every discussion of the tour guides they would let us take pictures of the artifacts. Me and my friends took some funny pictures of ourselves like the picture below.

After visiting the museum, next was the Aguinaldo shrine. There we looked at the house of Emilio Aguinaldo. I really like the style of the house. It was really big and very historical.

The inside and outside of the house was very beautiful but the part of the house that I really like was the bedroom. Even if it was old style, the simplicity of it makes the room very attractive. I'm not the only one who thinks so there are also others who agree with me.

I learned that during their time they used a tunnel to go to the church. They hid their guns or weapons in a secret storage where we sat in the picture.

And finally the last destination was Enchanted Kingdom. Obviously, this was the time I had the most fun in the field trip. Even if it’s the fourth time I’ve been there, I still don’t get tired because as time passes they improve their rides and once I ride something I become very addicted and want to try it again.

There were very memorable events that happened. Like it was my first time playing with paint balls which was very fun because when we put on our gear we looked like soldiers going to a battle field.

It was very funny when we went there excited and waiting in anticipation after they explained on how or what to do during the game. They said we should be careful because it would be dangerous and will really hurt if we get hit on the skin. There we were waiting in anticipation and became a little scared.

The first ride we rode was the Laser Mission, then the Anchors Away, next was the "Pag pag", and last the Paintball. Another memorable event was the first date of one of my best friends - and of course I’m happy for them.

"Memories stay in your heart and never die. Friendship connects us together to never say goodbye."

Contributed by Vangelyn G. De Luna

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  1. Nice article Vangelyn! I really agree with the first paragraph that wherever you go as long as you're with the best people, you will never get bored. Keep up the good work.

  2. This article said everything about our field trip experience. Nice! :)


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