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The Philippines is Not Earthquake-Proof

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Philippines islands are situated on the western fringes of the Pacific Ring of Fire where earthquake is very frequent. Earthquake is the sudden movement of the ground. It is a very desructive calamity. It can destroy that strongest building just by shaking the ground. It could also be the most dangerous and deadly force of nature because it happens when we least expect it. No one could ever predict its forthcoming. Earthquakes is caused by Plate Tectonics, Intraplate Earthquakes, Volcanic Earthquakes, or Foreshocks and Aftershocks.

 In the Philippines, there are around 20 earthquakes registered daily, though they are too weak to be felt. The last major earthquake was in Bohol on Tuesday morning, October 23, 2013. Its very heartbreaking to know that this earthquake caused the death toll to rise to almost hundred people. The tremor also injured hundreds and smashed one of the country’s oldest churches. Old churches are the treasure of the Philippines. These churches were made hundreds years ago and had been a part of our history. Even part of the Chocolate Hills which is the very famous tourist spot of Bohol collapsed.

Earthquakes can take a lot of life. It can strike anytime without even a single warning. You are lucky if you have survived this disaster but you will have to endure its aftermath. Houses were shattered, roads were damaged, food and water supply were cut down. All that was left is your faith in God. In this situation, we have to learn to be creative and resourceful. Be strong and don’t let your worries affect you. Someone will come and rescue you. 

Scientists say that an earthquake of 8 to 9 magnitude could strike the Metro Manila anytime. The Marikina Fault line has been very quiet a lot of years ago so it could jolt the NCR anytime and release a very large amount of energy. Study says that Metro Manila is not ready for this kind of calamaty. NCR is where the Philippines is centered. It consists of the tallest buildings and the most progressive business. This region also houses a lot of population. So it would be very destructive and deadly if that kind of earthquake would strike the region. Many infrastracture would be badly damaged and the whole place would be paralyzed.

Since we are living in place above the faults, the best thing that we could do is to prepare ourselves in whatever might happen. Know all the things that you should do when the earthquake strikes. And the most important thing to do is to pray to God that the thing that we fear the most would not happen.

Contributed by Ella Mae O. Leonida

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  1. Earthquakes occur much more frequently in the Philippines than in other countries because we are located in the Pacific Ring of fire, but this must not stop us from living our normal daily lives, so I suggest that engineers devise a new structure design for each and every new building in the Philippines to lessen at least the damage and casualties done by earthquakes. In general I think that we must advance now in technology and surpass this problem because there are much worse to come.


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