Friday, July 12, 2013

The Child-bearer, Creator, Forebearer, Procreator, Progenitor, and Mother of Wisdom

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"He who doesn't appreciate his roots shall never succeed." - Anonymous

Athena have always been my favorite Greek goddess-the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, strength, strategy, arts, crafts, and skill. She is such an admirable goddess and probably the best of all.I used to idolize her for being such a beauty. Combine it with her talents and prodigy-tada!-the best goddess of all time.

But little do we know the provenance of this commendable brain goddess. The next question would be, where did SHE came from? It all goes down to the very mother of Athena who is no other than Metis. Metis is considered to be the Titaness of wisdom and deep thought. Her name was connoted as magical and cunning. She is actually a Titan and never would she be an Olympian God. But nevertheless, she is still Athena's pro-creator.

I specifically liked the part of the Greek mythology when Zeus deceived Metis-she turning to a fly and being swallowed by Zeus in an attempt to prevent a certain prophecy which could have lead to overthrowing him. While inside Zeus's body, she made an armor and helmet for her child. I really loved the part when Athena came out from his split skull, fully armored and all that.

This part of the story just explains how a mother can do anything and everything for her child even during times of hardships. She would never leave the child alone and unprotected. Her sacrifices would always be great and unsurpassed.

We are all reminded on how our mothers could be caring and loving. Especially now that I am still in the fourth year of my high school life and definitely needs all the support I can get to survive the burdensome responsibilities entrusted upon our little shoulders. We should all be thankful for all our mothers out there for giving birth to us and giving us the reason to live and to strive harder.

Just take a look at this, if Metis did not conceive Athena, then I won't have a cunning goddess to admire. If Metis did not do anything to protect Athena, where would she be? How would she grow up? Would that affect her choices? Would it she be a different goddess? See? If it wasn't for a single Titan or God, who by the way is not even the least bit popular, we would never know Athena. At least, not the same way we do right now.

Let me advise everyone out there taking time to read this article. Always go back to the places you have been. Appreciate the people who have helped you to be who you are right now and it will lead you to the right paths. An A for METIS.

Contributed by: Lucky Mores :)

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  1. Close enough xD
    Great read.Nice choice!

  2. Hi Mommy :)
    Did you just said we should thank our mother? Does that mean I have to thank you? xD Anyway, I really like your article, focusing on Metis who is an exemplar and her sacrifices and unconditional love and care for Athena. As you said, mothers' similarity all comes down to their unconditional love for their child, which is usually misunderstood by their children, and their willingness to sacrifices for their children. I guess everyone should know this fact for them to understand and appreciate their mothers. This article should be spread :)
    And also, thank you mommy :))


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