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Japanese Culture vs Philippine Culture

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We Filipinos have our own culture that we've learned from our ancestors same as the Japanese.

Obviously there is a big difference between Japan and Philippine Culture. One of these is when you meet local people, they tend to ask personal questions. But don't get irritated to them, they don't throw those  questions to intimidate or humiliate you. Because it is their way to know you and get to be friends with them. It is good sign for you if you've encounter those people here in Philippines who ask those kind of questions because they are concerned and interested in your personality.


When it comes to Japanese people when you get to meet them they look very serious, quite uneasy and sometimes remain in silence. Why did I say so?

Because when I was in elementary I had a Japanese classmate she's so uneasy and it looks like she doesn't want us to talk with her. But lately we've found out that, that our Japanese classmate is so energetic and friendly when you get to talk with her. She's respectful she even bow her head whenever she saw us, at the same time has a good practice of discipline.

Talking about their way of eating. Japanese uses chopsticks. while Filipino uses spoon and fork. Sometimes we use our bare hands when eating especially when there is a Fiesta or special occasion because they say its more delicious we get to eat more when we use our bare hands.

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"Nothings good if there is no food" I believe in that, I admit I love foods especially Filipino specialties. My Favorite one is from the Bicol Region which is the Bicol Express, a Filipino dish that is spicy yet delicious.

We also have the Letchon, Adobo, Sinigang - which is popular to to kids , Dinuguan paired with tuyo. The rice dish - Biko and others. If you have time try to visit Philippines wherever you go you'll find those foods because each province  When It comes to Japan there they have the Tempure, Sushi, Ramen, Yakisoba, and Bento which are very delicious also and has a great plating, attractive presentation..

It's like when you saw that food even if you are hungry you have that urge to eat it because of it's way of presenting their food. One thing that is good in Japanese dish is that, their diet are composed of rice, fresh, seafood and boiled vegetables which are more nutritious than some of the Filipino diet that are being prepare to us by our parents before going to school. But I believe that Filipino dish are more delicious than Japanese dish. 

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  1. This article gives the blogger's own experiences in comparing and contrasting Philippine and Japan culture. :))

  2. I've learned a lot from this article. This can help many people to learn more about Japan and Philippines. :)


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