Friday, July 12, 2013

Demeter: The Moody Goddess

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Do you know the 12 Greek God and Goddess? Who is your favorite? What is it about them that make you interested? All of us have different opinions about these Gods and Goddesses, but for me the most interesting one among all of them is the Greek Goddess Demeter. Want to know why?

Demeter is known to be the goddess of harvest, farmland and grain. The seasons here on Earth are believed to controlled by her mood. She is also known as mother Earth. Isn’t she amazing?!

Demeter had a daughter named Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. She was taken by the Greek God Hades. Demeter’s sadness or moodiness was due to the loss of her daughter. She started being depressed and lonely which caused famine in Greece. Zeus started to worry and sent Hermes to the underworld.

Unfortunately Hades didn't want to let go and insisted that he already owns Persephone. And the only thing that they decided was that Persephone would spend 4 months in the underworld with Hades, where during these months, some places on Earth will experience winter. And the last thing they agreed to is that Persephone would return to her mother, which causes the season of spring.

Drawn by: Cherisse Tuazon

It would really be wonderful to have that king of power. But still “with great power comes great responsibility". Like Demeter, she can control the seasons, but at times it causes the sufferings of other people. I think that we should learn to think on how our mood can affect other people. We should be sensitive and open- minded with what they think and feel, in order for us to make more friends.

Contributed by: Maria Cherisse P Tuazon

Drawn by: Cherisse Tuazon

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  1. Hi Che! Aside from Athena, I also admire Demeter because of her amazing ability to control the seasons of the Earth. It is really cool that the seasons depend on your mood. I agree with your conclusion: "great power comes with great responsibility". We should not ask for to much power if we are not sure that we will be responsible enough to handle it. Lastly, I like your drawing. :)

    Ruth Marienelle R. Balasabas

  2. My second favorite Goddess is Demeter. I also agree with your conclusion:"great power comes with great responsibility." Without responsibility, you won't be able to do your task. You may also use your power in a wrong way if you don't have responsibility. Good Article :>


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