Monday, December 23, 2013

Choosing Veggies Over Meaties

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Choosing veggies over meaties is maybe the hardest decision in a person’s life. It started when we were younger, when we were threathened by our parents that we won’t receive any dessert if we don’t eat the remaining vegetables on our plate. The question is ’why do we have to eat veggies?’ and ‘why is vegetable preferrable than meat?’

First of all, it is a common knowledge that vegetables are the edible plant or part that are either eaten cooked or raw. We intake these veggies not just because our parents say so but also they give us nutrients so we can be healthy and less prone to illness.

Another is that vegetables are always available wherever you are and cheaper than the meat you buy from the store. Vegetables regulate your systems. For example, detoxifying your body and boosting your immunity. Vegetables provide more range of nutrients than from meat. Vegetables contains fibers that improves our metabolism.

As you can see, people these days do not practice self-control. Their diet becomes abnormal when they eat more and move less. That is why they are obese. If they can limit their meat or calory intake, they can have healthier body.

My point is that there are more benefits that we can receive from eating vegetables than from meats. As a student, observing healthy eating will help us concentrate to our school works. But in some circumstances, eating meat can not be avoided because it also provides nutrients that vegetables alone can not provide.

All of us may have different beliefs and practices. Some may be vegetarian, omnivore and carnivore. All we have to do is to respect each others opinion.

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  1. Well, I admit vegetables are not really as taste as good as meats but they're as healthy as them and I am sure that we really do need them for a healthy body it didn't came only from my mother's mouth but I remember also from my elementary teacher :))... Although some vegetables doesn't have pleasant taste but others are still delicious. I do believe that it's a cheap vitamins for everyone. although it's hard but right now I'm practicing to not be a vegetarian but atleast a vege lover that would eat vegetable more often because I know that it is good form my health:)))

  2. When I was young I used to hate vegetables especially sigarilyas. However, when I became a teen I am now into veggies especially when I am into a diet mode. Though sometimes its hard to resist the meat temptation, one's mind must open enough to the disadvantages that over eating of meat can get. That's why our family only eat thrice a week of meat

  3. Honestly, I could count in one hand the number of the kinds of fruits and veggies that I eat willingly. I have always disliked them even though I perfectly know how nutritious and healthy they are. Hopefully, one day I will learn to love vegetables.

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