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Top Ten Reasons Why Bloggers Are Like Celebrities

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It has been frequently said that bloggers share the spotlight with celebrities. When we say celebrities, we mean showbiz people, artists (singers, dancers, bands, newscasters, reporters, media practitioners, painters, sculptors, etc.,), sports personalities, and even politicians.

They have been called the new media, and some have been saying they are way better than the traditional media of TV, radio and print. Almost everyone agrees that news and information are now primarily accessed over the Internet.

Everyone has to admit that it's an online community already. Almost everyone is now armed with their branded or China-made smartphones to easily access their social media networks, emails, search engines, and numerous apps available to keep everyone engaged and connected online.

Here are the top ten reasons (in no particular order) why bloggers have reached celebrity status:

1. Special or Front Row Seats - Influential bloggers have earned the reputation giving them privileges comparable to VIPs. You'll see them seated mostly infront of every event they attend not only to give them a better photo opportunity, but also to share the seats with other VIPs for some special treatment.

2. Rubbing Shoulders with Fellow Celebrities - Bloggers get special backstage pass or All Access Pass to events giving them convenience to interview and hang out with the celebrity guests, product endorsers, brand ambassadors, and even the models. Eventually, you gain recognition from the celebrity and they start retweeting your tweets, liking and sharing your posts, and add you as friend in their social media accounts.

3. Freebies, Tokens or Complimentary Loot Bags - Celebrities get something in return for their appearance in events aside from their talent fees. Bloggers do not really get the same, and most do not really get "talent fees" commensurate to their contribution or efforts, but as you reach the levels of being called top-notch or "authority" bloggers, the freebies gets better.

4. Food Galore - There's food in every event, especially when its a restaurant review(of course), enough to feed you until you burst. If you have more than one event in a day, then you'll definitely grow from a medium shirt size to an extra large in just a few months. But the best perk here is that you get to try the new dishes even before they introduce it to their customers.

5. Supporters and Haters - Like celebrities, bloggers also have avid readers or followers - the fans! People subscribe to their blogs and follow on their social media accounts. But like celebrities, there are detractors, bashers, and haters that have too much time to waste in trying to make lives miserable. Most of them will strike anonymously or just post a lot of blind items obviously pertaining to the blogger they couldn't even have the guts to personally name using their real accounts.

6. Product Endorsers - Companies and businesses invite bloggers to product launchings, press conferences for upcoming events, etc. They can also send their products for review to bloggers. They can also recruit bloggers for long-term engagements as influencers or ambassadors. Since many of us now consult the Internet to look for information about a lot of stuff, it is a very wise decision for many establishments to have plenty of online presence via blogs and social media mentions.

7. Movers and Shakers - Bloggers can also influence people to join them for advocacy and special movements designed for social awareness and responsibility. They can make initiatives to spearhead campaigns to save nature, animals, calamity victims, rape victims, government idiosyncrasies, oppressed members of society, etc., Though celebrities have more impact and are televised more, especially if they are part of the network, bloggers are quickly getting the same exposure when invited to talks or seminars as motivational speakers.

8. Ex-Deals - Bloggers can also solicit exchange deal arrangements with companies in exchange of blogging about them. While some bloggers directly approach only those that they truly support as the brand they actively use and recommend, some will accept almost anyone just to gain more sponsorship regardless if there's a conflict of interest with other brands they support. Some are recommending to be neutral to all brands but some are also saying that it becomes no longer natural and acceptable to be an endorser of all. Celebrities usually have contracts preventing them from accepting sponsorship from competing brands, and it is also now evident to bloggers too.

9. Fame and Admiration- Not just online, you gain admirers even offline. You'll be easily spotted (especially if you post your "selfies" and mugshots all over your blog posts) when you attend occasions. People will address you with respect, and  will even request for photo opportunities with you. Some would even ask for your autograph (exag). Just like celebrities, you become famous (or infamous) among your fans and peers regardless if you are the most controversial blogger that is laden with negative issues. Just like in showbiz or politics, publicity whether bad or good, adds to your popularity.

10. Awards and Recognitions - I guess everyone want to be recognized for all their efforts and just like celebrities who have their award giving bodies, there are organizations that have formed awards for bloggers who have made an impact to society. While most of them are voting schemes, there are also some that use competitions to find the more deserving bloggers to win the award or recognition. A certificate, plaque or trophy signifies an achievement that is well appreciated by many. It is never easy to win the hearts and admiration of even a few so being nominated is already a great accomplishment.

I know there are more reasons that serves as one of the prime motivations why bloggers have chosen to take on this "responsibility" to reach out to the world and share their mind set.

You may have your own reasons, but I know you are fully aware that you do love the perks that come with being a blogger. That is probably why some have gone full-time with the vocation - if ever you will call it appropriate.

Just like celebrities, their serve as idols or role models to many. Bloggers should therefore exude an image that is worth imitating or getting inspiration from.

No matter what you say, we really do influence, or "brainwash", due to a lack of a more fitting verb, our readers. Unconsciously, they will somehow absorb what we have shared with them and it gets injected straight down deep into their blood streams and go up into their heads, and will eventually become an uncontrollable act.

You may also call it "programming" our readers to follow our coding instructions. It's like spreading a "virus" - thus the word "viral" online.

Only another "celebrity" blogger can "reprogram" or run an "anti-virus". But  even though you delete the "influence" it will always be there lurking around the blogosphere and remains within the recesses of the mind.

Contributed by Miriam Ponce

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