Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2nd Laguna Blogging Summit : Engaging with the Next Generation of Social Media Influencers

Wazzup Pilipinas!

How do you Win in Manila?

With a hashtag of #WinInManila, we engage with our readers the most creative and controversial way possible. Though its a lifestyle blog, we incorporate editorial opinions, re-post issues that have gone viral, mess around with sensitive thoughts that are quite provoking, act as if we are very well informed, and a lot of almost enigmatic articles that are way beyond the real scope of a lifestyle blog - Nah! we do that but only when we feel like it. Unlike some who do that for a living, we do it for fun!

Now, we have a responsibility to share the information, and of course the attitude, to the people -of whom majority are the youth - the next generation of social media influencers - bloggers and/or social network addicts, and likewise to those that read the stuff we post online.

Many of them, unconsciously, absorb what we share - and it reflects in the way they act, talk and deal with people. Unaware, they may be expressing and replicating what we feel, what we rant and rave about, and how we say it online. Admit it or not, we greatly influence them, and they unknowingly do the same thing with their own readers or followers.

The 2nd Laguna Blogging Summit's target market was entirely the youth this time - college level students from different colleges and universities, some of which are already bloggers while most are very active in social media networks, whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and the rest of the more popular online social apps shared all over the Internet.

The speakers, in their own little way have shared their opinions - as we all know there really isn't just one strategy to be successful in the online world. Some were lucky they had connections or other influential contacts, some were just too damn creative and unique, while some just went along with the trending issues, etc.,

Regardless of how each of us reached the "greater heights", we still owe it to the people who "followed" us in our networks.

When I was onstage as speaker, regardless of how many students were left to listen to my talk (we have become a nation with very little patience that our attention span has drastically gone so low) I still believed that these few individuals who stayed may still share what I wanted to impart to them, and somehow, I hope I was able to touch their lives.

With a topic of "How to Win Your Readers in the Shortest Time" (it should be "How to Win Your Readers in the Fastest Time") I tried to tell them that they can still catch up and even become better as compared with the competition. The others may have so many years and influence to their advantage, if we are really destined for success (armed also with our creativity and talent), we will emerge triumphant!

In a field, where your popularity is measured by how many views or "hits", avid  and loyal followers, those who engage on the commentaries even if its negatively, those who quietly lurk as the silent fans, etc., we are all recognized by how wide are audience are. These can be revealed by our stats by several means like the Alexa ranking or Google Analytics, etc.,

Though we all know that these stats can be manipulated, tweaked, bought, etc., especially if you have the resources, we owe it to ourselves if we will continue to lie to ourselves and cheat our way to fame.

Regardless of the "ulterior" motives, we create a ripple in the water that may cause some repercussions within our reach, and even beyond as we all know that our networks can scatter and spread itself into other networks, until it goes "viral" - which is something that can also be manipulated, FYI.

When one of the speakers was looking for all the bloggers because the event was inappropriately called a "blogging summit", all I could think about is the fact that he didn't realized that blogging is not merely reserved to the blogging platforms like blogspot or wordpress. Even a short status message on your Facebook or Twitter account can be called a form of blog - a microblog. Imagine if everyday you will post around 10 status messages with attached photos, then that already summarizes your entire day.

The social media networks allows us to "blog" about our life. It's like we are creating an online journal, documenting our every move, sharing to the whole world what we eat, where we are, who are friends are, what we are keeping busy with, etc., - It's the world mirror to ourselves.

How is the world built? It is built by how people act!

Businesses follow your lifestyle which tells them what they should invest on - sell, market, create, build, etc. The reflection of society tells everyone how to act or react - an now that the online community is vast and continuously growing in a rapid pace - it becomes another primary source of very reliable information of what people will patronize and emulate.

We are now becoming totally engaged with almost everyone - and with the current scenario, its showing us a very clear image of the future, OUR future.


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