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Bloggers Can Also Sing : When They're Deep in the Middle of the Sea Via 2Go Travel

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It must have been the sea air which gave everyone the courage to sing out loud and show to the world that they have the talent.

Or it could have been the beer or cocktails that made them more willing to show off their skills.

Or was it perhaps the prize and recognition to be known as the champion in the Karaoke Challenge.

Whatever it was, kudos to the guys who managed to deliver an entire song minus a respectable Karaoke machine and while they were being rocked back and forth by the troubled waves of the sea on board the St. Michael the Archangel of 2GO Travel.

I doubt it was the two free drinks allocated for each blogger. It was on the second night I found out I can just request for some chips instead of beer, cocktails or the mocktails. Two drinks were not enough to make me lose my sanity - or make me delirious.

So all the admiration goes to my fellow bloggers who were so eager to join the Karaoke singing challenge. I envy you guys who had the guts to sing for us. May you all have more opportunities to belt out a tune to your heart's content, and maybe next time I am able to persuade myself to do the same.

You can see portions of their song at my Pinoy Tekkie YouTube channel.

....and I really thought Larissa would win this challenge. Not because she sang well, but because she was shamelessly giving it all - to the extreme! The judges should have reconsidered.

She was all so cute and dressed so kinky...Now I know the judges prefer stage presence and audience impact rather than just looking great on stage. Why? Because she didn't won the Karaoke Singing Challenge, but she won as the best dressed female of the night. Not bad winning trips for two to Boracay!

He was beaming with uber-confidence. I have to admit that he blowed my mind away as well. There was something in him that projects an charismatic aura. It reflects on his singing and the way he talks, stand on stage, and even on the way he walks.

He surely has the voice comparable to matinee idols. Well, he's very much familiar being infront of the camera for he has his own TV show. I hope he continues with this career as well. Who knows, there must be more coming from him than just hosting and singing.

Kudos to our guest blogger who showed he can do more than just video blog. Very game in both nights as he shared songs even though we did not requested it. :)

These guys could have been perfect for a love team except that the girl was just too reserved unlike the other blogger who showed her real infatuations towards a fellow blogger...hehehe...jowk only.. Lol!

I just made some short video shoots of each blogger's song rendition. I was cautious my camera may not be able to capture the entire song for everyone as it was having some technical difficulties.

I would have loved to record the entire song for each. I guess its time to send my camera to the repair shop. It has served me well for the past months and just disappointed it didn't reached a year. Well, at least I can still claim the warranty.

Thank you to 2GO Travel for the experience. We enjoyed almost every minute of our stay with you. I hope there will be more travel opportunities soon. Thanks!

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  1. The article showed how talented Filipinos are. It also shows that we know how to have a good time. The pictures and videos were nice and they helped in showcasing the talents of the bloggers who participated in the event. I can't wait to try and experience riding on a 2go cruise ship.

  2. Now this is something I enjoyed reading(and watching). People having a great time through music, not only does being on-stage give you an adrenaline rush, but it also let's you have a great time, especially with people you're comfortable with are there with you. I commend 2GO Travel for arranging such a successful event.

  3. It is given that we, Filipinos are undeniably happy persons. And this article showed some talented persons who are not just having fun and having the time of their life but also shows what their talents are. Party life as it is and it's surprising to know that 2GO travel organized such event which came out a successful one. Good job 2GO Travel!

  4. Filipinos are known as man with full of talents just like singing where karaoke is a material for this. Filipinos have conquer the land, air and water just to show what they've got like the motto of Globe, “Go lang ng Go”. The videos and photos were nice showing that the bloggers do it. Their level of confidence where enough to show their talent. #Ineed2Go

  5. It truly is very exciting to see someone, who does not usually sing, perform a song on stage. It gives a feeling of excitement to hear what they have to give. It is like, seeing a baby after 9 months of being carried inside the mother's womb.

    Overall, Filipinos are widely talented. If not in terms of voice quality, atleast in terms of courage to show what they have when desperate measures occur.

  6. Filipinos are truly blessed with different gifts and talents. We still have time to sing and dance despite those busy schedules. We find time to bond with our friends and family. A round of applause for 2Go Travel for a successful and fun event! :)

  7. People showing off their talents is a great way to inspire other people. These bloggers are very outstanding because of their capability of joining wonderful events and entertaining themselves despite their loaded schedule. I want to congratulate all of them for being successful and happy! XD

  8. People shouldn't be to show their talents off. Have fun, be wild and go out. Show off your skills. And this is what this article is about. Having a little drink and having fun. And it shows how we, Filipinos are very alented. I enjoyed reading this!

  9. Writing and singing are two good ways of expressing your feelings, it is good to know that these bloggers are not like the others,sitting in front of the computer for many hours, while here are they enjoying life just as it is,

  10. We Filipinos really love to sing. Be it inside a taxi, a jeepney, a bus, or even in a cruising ship! Any place would be perfect for us to showcase our golden voices. We don’t just have the voice; we have the confidence and the courage to show the whole world what we’ve got. No wonder why pinoys conquer various singing contests. *cheering *
    Congratulations 2Go Travel for such a successful event! 

  11. I had a great time reading this article because I really love to hear other people sing. And I think almost all Filipinos, wherever some may be, also love it. It has been a part of our culture to sing and to hear other people sing. This article clearly showed it and other song lovers will also have a great time reading this article.

  12. "A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for." I find it enjoying,reading this article. It shows that Filipino really enjoy and appreciate the presence of music. this article doesn't only shows that Filipinos were talented people but we are also adventurous, confident and compassionate.

  13. Not only 2go did an amazing job for providing the customers with the foods and amazing but also the best relaxation they can give to their customers. Not only they do articles, take pictures or critics but can also sing as long as they enjoy what they do. I think the bloggers had a great time with the cruise ship their boarding.

  14. I believe that these bloggers are very talented. They are able to voice out their thoughts with the use of their blogs and by their singing. I am grateful to witness their talent even though I was not there at the exact venue. Keep it up!


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