Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao : Sensationalizing the Issues to Gain Extra Sympathy?

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I hate to comment on this issue but I must out of due disgust. Talk about exaggerating issues to the max. I know its effective to make yourself look like the underdog but eventually people will find out the truth and you will come out the loser in the end.

But maybe the guy is anticipating most of the people, the "madlang people" who admittedly know less, will never realize they're being taken for fools.

He is making it look like he is being terrorized and "politicalized" (love the word) by the government but the brainier know better that he is just taking advantage of the issue to make himself look more like a hero in pursuit of justice. I am betting he has future political ambitions in the works.

Hey Mister Boxer cum Congressman! Aren't you satisfied with your accomplishments and you still keep on dragging yourself to controversies of your own doing. Why do you have to involve the media on this. I am betting the ulterior motive is to gain sympathy from your fans who are now slowly decreasing in number. These are legal aspects that do not need to be highlighted by the media and sensationalize it to make you look like being under-appreciated by your government.

The worst is the victims of the typhoon Yolanda are also being used as a reason to add pity saying he couldn't easily send some donations because of his frozen bank accounts. 

Winning against a boxer who has no chance of winning against you in the first place is no big deal. Go on and fight Floyd Mayweather and prove you really have what it takes.

The government will continue to work and will not adjust its timing when to send you a notice to pay up for your over-delayed responsibilities. They should treat everyone fairly not because you are a popular celebrity action figure.

Do we really need to give you special consideration just because you're the people's champ, one of the reasons why the Philippines is now in the map?Ang pambansang kamao?

"I don't know where his other money is. If he cannot help or pay people, he should not make us his excuse. Because we only have P1.1 million," Kim Henares,  the BIR chief said.

And the truth was finally revealed. He couldn't even come up with the very simple requirement required of him, and he exaggerated on the fact that his assets are frozen by the government. It was exposed that there were only two banks that froze his two accounts, the remaining 20+ are still active.

He cannot help the calamity victims because his P1.1 million is frozen? Where's the rest of his money?

Question the promoter who might be faulty, question the US Internal Revenue who was not able to give the papers needed to be submitted to the BIR of the Philippines, and not the government who are simply doing their job.

Sensible enough?

Source: ABS-CBN News

Contributed by : Lalaine Santiago

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