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Despicable Them : An Open Letter to the Top-Notch Bloggers

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Here is the newbie blogger's advise to some of the top-notch and pro bloggers out there who feel they are the cream of the (coconut) crop:

Huwag po tayo masyadong (Let us not be) overbearing and feeling so responsible to educate, correct, and reprimand our fellow bloggers (both pros and newbies) whom you feel deserve a spanking on the butt. Are you the author of the book on proper bloggers' etiquette and writing style? Please do not act like our parents. I know you mean well, but your ways are just too off the edge and a means to provoke.

Shhh!!!! Keep quiet at huwag muna mag-react violently. Open your mind and try to finish this entire article first.

Marami rin po kasi kaming naririnig na bad tsismis or rumors against top bloggers that feel they are so "clean" and "perfect". But we do not make it a habit to rant online about it. Please realize that you are actually hurting the entire community by making others (of your own kind) look bad.

Seriously (but with fun), I believe everyone in the blogging community has their own unique way of expressing themselves. Kanya-kanyang style lang yan. Walang basagan ng trip!

Everyone should be creatively genuine and not bounded by fear of what others might say against them if they ever made a wrong move or two. Criticisms were designed to help correct and improve but it should be said and done discreetly in private and not for everyone to see. It should not be used to badmouth or humiliate other people.

Blogging was originally intended as an online diary or journal. Its purpose was to express oneself with only our own personal choice to restrict and limit us (the freedom to express one's own opinion and to share it to the world somehow got complicated when others tried to meddle in our own style and tried to change our choices, and influenced our decisions ).

Sadly, our opportunity to influence has been turned into a business venture to gain profit and fame. Blogging should be fun and not just for business! OK lang naman kumita pero dapat huwag maalis ang saya. Why so serious? There is a goal more precious than your tokens or talent fees. Hinahaluan mo nga ng advocacy pero naubos naman sa "operational expenses" ang kinita ng iyong engrandeng palabas sa online masa. Ano ang iyong ipinagkaiba sa mga pulitikong nais lang magpa- photo ops para mapag-usapan at sumikat?

Do not waste your many years of blogging expertise,..... your high-ranking blogs with many hits and views. Ang taas ba ng ranking mo sa topblogs, alexa, at kung anu-ano pa? Paki-alam ko ba? Itsura mo lang.Hindi mo yan madadala sa langit. Maipasa mo man sa iyong angkan ang kasikatan ng iyong blog, wala pa ring katuturan ang laman kung idinaan sa pataasan ng ihi. I will choose to pick one who has a few hundred followers rather than one who has thousands or millions basta ba totoo naman ang followers nila...hindi robot or mga nakuha lang dahil nagpa-raffle or nagpa-contest ka ng mga kung anu-anong sponsored items na nahingi mo sa mga brands na sumusuporta sa kasikatan mo para man lang mabahaginan sila ng mas maraming grasya. Your followers are probably just there because they joined your previous pa-Like  and pa-Follow "gimmick" and are just too lazy to learn how to "Unlike" and "Unfollow" you.

There are bloggers out there who only mingle with bloggers who agree with them, or think like them, or look like them, hehehe.... and stay away from those that they feel are not of their status level, or those whose reputations have been tainted by rumors spread by other bloggers. Ang dali mo naman maniwala sa tsismis p're. Wala ka bang sariling pag-iisip at basta-basta ka ba maniniwala. Buti na lang may mga ibang tao na hindi agad-agad bumibigay sa mga kasinungalingan ng mga walang mapaglibangan na bloggers.

There will always be the same group of bloggers to blog about a brand. Thus many couldn't help thinking that these bloggers are part of the brand's payroll. Wrong move for the brands. Brand ambassadors are good only if they truly represent the brand because they like the brand and not because they are getting paid to blog about the brand. It's like having minions to help you with your ultimate goal. But these minions are nowhere near as cute as the ones in the Despicable Me movies and collectable as the McDonalds happy meal toys.

It couldn't really be avoided. We hang out with birds of the same feather so our choices are blinded by friendship and "utang na loob". Admirable are those bloggers that do not put any color in their sketches - para fair and just. Just to see the pencil lines and how they swirl and sway on paper. (Teka...ano ba naman ang pinagsasabi ko? Ah basta! You know what I mean.)

There are bloggers out there na humaharang or lumalakad pailalim para huwag maisama sa mga invites of events ang mga newbies or bloggers belonging to other groups na hindi nila ka-vibes. They are doing this para ma-bakuran sa power team nila ang opportunities.Para ma-solo nila ang limelight.

The blogging community has grown so big yet there are forces out there that are dividing the community into smaller groups....Ang nakakalungkot ay yung mga so called top bloggers pa ang nangunguna.

I admire those bloggers na willing to give everyone, even newbies, a chance to shine and prove themselves.Mas dumami pa sana ang mga katulad ninyo.

Do not take things seriously. We may have a responsibility to society to be noble in this profession, but rumor mongering has never been anywhere near noble. It is a despicable act!

Pakibaba lang po ang pride at i-accept na may mali rin kayo. Hindi rin po ako perpekto coz I am also sort of ranting here. Pero this article is to be considered an exception to all those rantings happening online. Dahil ayokong dumating ang araw na puro na lang baho ng ibang bloggers ang mababasa ko sa Facebook o Twitter.

I have more to say sana pero I will just stop it here before I become the same people of whom I tend to despise....but oh no please help them for they do not know what they are doing. Gusto lang nilang kumita at makakuha ng kabuhayan showcase.

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