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Men Dominate Women in Bed : Do You Agree or Disagree?

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Love or lust dominates both women and men in bed.Women need to be dominated. The job of the man in the relationship is first to break her and then tame her; and then he should dominate her.  Shakespeare? Is this "Taming of the Shrew"? This statement was obviously seized from that play. How primitive?

Women generally want to be controlled. It is very seldom that women 'control' the guy in a relationship--unless the guy is a pussy and not a real man?  I may sound sexist but it is what it is. In a relationship, men must be men and women must be women.

However, there are guys who like to be dominated by women.
And there are guys who wants to be dominated by many girls...Try watching a documentary about dominatrix.. You'll see men who are very dominant in their life but likes being dominated when it comes to sex. I don't think there is a dude out there who doesn't want to just lay back and be ravished like crazy? Seeing a woman break up a sweat while she's getting busy on top is one of the sexiest things ever. Also, it hurts the back to constantly be the one moving. Either that or I'm just getting old. Honestly, I feel sorry for any man who has never been dominated by a woman in bed, but that's just me? It's just that some men have yet to experience the pleasures of being tied with a silk scarf and blindfolded. 


if we cut out all the silk thinking about the act then... yes! men do. Of one obvious reason. But some would disagree and say it depends on who started flirting. Some would entirely disagree and say that bedroom personality is still personality. Why would some people say that "men dominates women in bed"? I mean, Jank FFood said it's a generalization. Why does this generalization exist?If men succumb to women by means of seduction in bed. Do we consider that as domination. Classifying that under the term "female dominatrix"? And dear gentlemen, please do not feel pressured when women tell you what to do. Think of it as a bonus. The road map to the female orgasm has yet to be drawn. Be thankful she's vocal enough to GPS you. Listen and learn from a woman who teaches you where and what to do."Men dominate women in bed" is a blanket generalization. It basically says "all men dominate all women in bed", which is obviously false. It's not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing. It is easily demonstrably wrong.It's a stupid statement that is being thrown in public just so that men would be empowered and feel more masculine. Intercourse and flirting depends on the personalities of the people involved. Some are aggressive , some are masochistic etc."Why does this generalization exist?" <-- Why does anyone make hasty generalizations and other logical fallacies? Because people are idiots?

It actually depends on the culture of a society. Obviously countries where women are treated like livestock are dominated by men on sex. In Japan, there are some sex game shows there that women are the aggressive ones. Here in Philippines? I think it depends on one's religious/non-religious background?

Take a look at whom girls are expected to live up to: the freaking MARIA CLARA, the utu-uto, victim type, shy, timid, starfish in bed, etc. Of course these Maria Clara types wouldn't know how to act. They wouldn't know they're supposed to feel pleasure. I would know because I was brought up that way. I was brought up to feel guilty about it, that it's not okay for women to be sexual. So of course, in this country, there are a lot of starfish and "domineering" (in bed) men. If both are the starfish kind, I think they'd remain as virgins for as long as they live.

On a more serious note, I think one key factor why women tend to be dominated a little more often is because there's still this pervading mindset in a lot of places in that women aren't supposed to enjoy sex and that only men want it. We know it's not true, and sex seems to actually be more pleasurable for women than men. We can have sex and hold our peace (attained from years of masturbating in silence), but women (from what I've personally experienced) will vocalize their ecstasy with more abandon.
A lot of women (and I'm referring to women with practically no practical information about sex aside from "sex is being penetrated", like women with little formal education or have been raised very, very conservatively) get convinced that sex is not supposed to be pleasurable for them, and that the end of the sex act is when the guy has reached his climax. More and more women are becoming aware of their rights in bed as we keep progressing, but it's still true that even more women end up getting sexually repressed by obsolete and even potentially damaging archaic conservatisms. I read in an article many, many, many years ago that there are actually some married women who have never reached orgasm or in some cases aren't even aware of such a thing. And that never getting to that point actually messes them up psychologically.

It could be that the real issue is that sex is still being loudly presented as a guy thing. And a lot of girls end up getting convinced of it. Which is why when they actually get into that situation, they get dominated not because they want to or they don't enjoy sex as much, but a lot of it has to do with them being uncertain how to conduct themselves at that moment. Like, would she be considered "suspiciously too experienced" if she does decide to take initiative and set out to enjoy herself the way she wants? Or should she just do the coy thing because it's what's "expected" of her?

I know I'll sound like a dumbass for trying to explain women when I'm not one, but I'm very open to being corrected by the women in this matter.

Sex is a powerplay. There are lots of interpretations of this power exchange, and a lot of it depends on the context surrounding the sexual act. We have to remember that sex is not an isolated act. Our emotions, personalities and environments relate to it, and affect how we perform in the bedroom. To ask this question is to ask if all men are more powerful than all women, and generalizes the types of power considered by both sexes. Because as we know, not all men are the same and not all women are the same, just as no one couple is the same, and no sexual encounter is the same. My answer is: there is no answer. It's entirely dependent upon the individuals performing it.

In sex, hormones control you. Our hormones may seem sexist, but that's what's happening. What matters most in a sexual encounter is, both have reached the climax and are satisfied.

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