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Passengers at NAIA Are Forced to Use Yellow Taxi

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Regarding possible corruption at NAIA, just recently a group of affected travelers signed and submitted a complaint to NAIA management authorities. Travelers are forced to use a monopoly by the Yellow Taxi Cab operator that is favored by NAIA. This causes undue hardship to the arriving travelers who opt not to patronize Yellow Taxi for various reasons of their own.

Yellow Taxi charges an exorbitant amount compared to the regular taxi fare that travelers would have to pay. So, travelers are forced to walk a long distance with all their belongings towards the area where they may be able to flag down regular taxi cabs.

The closest gate to exit Terminal 3 on foot has been closed for some years and it is not permitted for passengers to use this exit. I would like to see the gate at the nearest exit unlocked so passengers can hail a cab on the nearby road.

This very clearly shows a blatant disregard of the travelers' rights and an attempt to make a stranglehold so that travelers have no option but to take Yellow Taxi which is positioned so that it is immediately available right out of the nearest door as they exit the airport. This smacks of illegal activity between the Yellow Taxi Cab Operator and NAIA authorities.

And the reason they don't want travelers easy access to regular taxi service is to force them to patronize Yellow Taxi cab. Obviously, someone is making money out of this arrangement. For Yellow Taxi Cab to have a monopoly at the NAIA, an invisible hand might have been at play. This is what needs to be investigated and exposed. The crooks who are at work inconveniencing the travelers, foreign and local and OFWs.
Will the higher authorities outside of NAIA please have the responsible NAIA personnel who made this special arrangement with Yellow Taxi investigated? Expose the people that are making illegal money out of this operation.

What we are saying is that the NAIA management or airport officials should take care of the foreign visitors, the returning ofw. What the use of being a good hospitable citizen or country if you will see this kind of wrong doings! Are you blind? This is really happening in our airport terminal. i wish you will not be a victim of this kind of illegal practices.

This problem has been going on for a very long time. Expose the politicians and/or government officials that are involved. Protect the interests of the travelers. Protect tourism in the Philippines !!!

The best solution as I see it would be to open that locked gate as it's a very short walk to there, only the other side of the car park. They purposely locked the gate to stop passengers using it to get easy access to the road with taxis driving constantly by there.

Protect tourism in the Philippines ! Bring this matter to the attention of proper authorities outside of naia. Yellow taxis charges an exorbitant amount at NAIA at the expense of travelers’ rights to use a taxi service of their own choosing.

*from Melchor Tabayoyong
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  2. Sentence Construction: The writer used simple words, so the article can easily be understood by all. I am not sure if this is only a typographical error, but take a look at the last sentence in the fourth paragraph. (This smacks of illegal activity between the Yellow Taxi Cab Operator and NAIA authorities.) I am not sure if the author accidentally clicked the letter 's' on his keyboard, which made the sentence wrong. But if he didn't, it should be This smack or These smacks.
    Paragraph Organization: I must admit that I am quite confused about the sequence of the paragraphs. On the other hand, the sentences were grouped accordingly.

  3. It's just so adorably cute to see how organized aee the taxis, but to say or to see that some passengers are complaining about it.

  4. One of the goals of our government is to increase touriam in our country. In my point of view, this event is a step back in that plan. If we are going to encourage tourism in our country, we must be generous and hospitable to the tourists. If they are willing to keep this monopoly for the yellow taxis, they must lower the fares so that the tourist will be encourage to ride them

    Lean Cedric Mandanas

  5. Jhustin Raymar RalaAugust 4, 2013 at 8:53 PM

    I think this is a great idea by the government. They just wanted to encourage the tourism in the country in such a way that having only yellow taxis in NAIA, but there are some problems. In order for the people to ride in the said taxi, it must be affordable, government should consider the different status of people. They must decrease the fares in order for the people to be encourage to ride the said yellow taxis.

  6. The Filipinos are well-known for their hospitality. But in this case, we can see not our hospitality, but the abuse on our travelers. We must know the reason why these things are happening on our airport.

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