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Zarzuela : Filipino Food That's Truly World Class

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I thought I've already tasted the best Filipino dishes at home. Well, sorry mom but your cooking has been beaten by this new restaurant offering Filipino Comfort Foods.

As of this writing, I've been there twice already....and both visits never disappointed me.

What is there to say about their Filipino dishes? Well, I'm Filipino but it came unexpected that they will still be able to bring out the best in our native dishes.

Don't believe me? Then go there for yourself at the expansion of EDSA Shangri-La mall. Just follow your noses but be able to distinguish their great tasting sardines or "binangoonan" dishes.

Zarzuela did play with the Filipino flavors as I found myself  boggled on how they made the traditional Pinoy foods more daring and tasty. It was simply unlike the traditional food that I get to eat in Fiestas and celebrations. But don't get me wrong. They played it right and perfect.

Zarzuela is a Spanish lyric-dramatic genre that alternates between spoken and sung scenes, the latter incorporating operatic and popular song, as well as dance. The zarzuela genre was innovative in giving a dramatic function to the musical numbers, which were integrated into the argument of the work. Dances and choruses were incorporated as well as solo and ensemble numbers, all to orchestral accompaniment.

Meaning, it must be really something entertaining and culture-filled. If I must say, I did enjoy every dish that came out of Zarzuela's kitchen but I'm hating myself for doing so.

Why, because my first love was their Crispy Pork Binangoonan. I'm unfortunately suffering from "high-blood pressure" and should stay away from pork, and also anything with bagoong. But there is no way I should pass on the opportunity to try it out. I admit I once ate the remaining dish when we ordered the second time around and decided to bring the left-overs at home. We had to moderate what I was eating so my wife insisted I kept it to a minimum.

So in short, we only ate a third of the dish and the rest were packed and brought home. But I just couldn't stop myself. I ate the rest of the Crispy Pork Binangoonan back home.


The place is so simple yet neat and adorable. I thought the owners would be placing framed photos relevant to their Zarzuela theme but I guess they decided to keep it as it is right now.

You have to try out their Sago't Gulaman - It sure brings back memories when its what we often drink at the school canteen. Now its only softdrinks, ice teas (or the milk teas) and shakes that we often see sold almost everywhere you look.

It truly is more refreshing to dink a tall glass of gulaman with sago.

What can you say about a dish named after the Fountain of Youth? Well, true to their words - it won't keep you alive for so long if you consume a lot of these devilish dish. It will surely raise your blood pressure levels to an all-time high. But they're just so damn good!!!!

Who needs to live a long life if you can't be fulfilled and happy in your lifetime.

Sisig at its best - Sorry If I can't recall the exact names of the dishes. It has been too long already. I was promised to be sent a menu list plus some other information about the resto but several weeks had already passed and the organizers still have not send me the infos.

This review got way under the bulk of things to do already. I just remembered it again when we ate for teh second time there.

I can't recall the name of this dish but most of us find it very appealing to our taste buds. There's like sliced sausages there that offers the most dramatic flavor among the rest of the ingredients. Zarzuela is after all a play where every single one plays an important part to make the entire performance successful.

Spiced up rice is advisable as a separate dish but I would prefer eating just plain rice so I can fully appreciate the flavor of the dishes.

The poster says it all - a savoury performance for your palettes. We were lucky to be among the fist ones to have played a part and tasted the difference.

I told you I couldn't resist their Crispy Pork Binangoonan - You'll know why when you get teh chance to taste it.

The "Ginataang Dahon ng Gabi" is similar to the specialty you will find in the provinces of Bicol. I like how they improved on the taste, but I've tasted just a couple so I couldn't really tell if it beats the rest out there.

They told me this was a bird - all stripped into shreds yet tasty and promising. But it's not really my type as I prefer to eat something I can chew generously in my mouth.

Even the desserts are worth dying for! Just by looking at the appetizing photos makes me want to get back there and enjoy the treats.


Highly recommended to all who think they've tasted the best Filipino dish already. You'll definitely change your mind once you've tasted their dishes....and I thought its the male chefs that's better in the kitchen. I found out that the person behind the sumptuous dishes is a lady who is really fascinated with cooking for her  family. If you really have the love for what you do, it will naturally come out whether you force it or not.

Zarzuela is truly a play of the Filipino flavors for they were successful in bringing out the best out from the traditional Filipino foods. Balikbayans and their foreign guests would surely appreciate the great "dramatic" taste brought to life by passion for great food.

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  1. It's good that how people appreciate our food. Because sometimes filipinos appreciate foreign food. I appreciate this article.

  2. Aubrey Joy de Jesus.August 2, 2013 at 11:10 PM

    I really like this article. As I saw the pictures of the Foods, I felt hungry. I Appreciate the sumptuous dishes and the lady behind it. I'm so proud of her.

  3. Aubrey Joy de Jesus.August 2, 2013 at 11:28 PM

    I really like this article. As I saw the pictures of the Foods, I felt hungry. I Appreciate the sumptuous dishes and the lady behind it. I'm so proud of her. I hope someday,If I could have the chance to taste their foods,I'll grab the opportunity.


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