Saturday, June 15, 2013

Swimming: Summer; Studying: Summer Too?

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Inappropriate for summer isn’t it? Summer is defined as the hottest period of the year. People tend to stop doing something due to the heat of the sun. In fact in that season students are enjoying their vacation and workers are using their leave to relax and bond with their family and friends. They used to go either on the beach or pool and experience the splash of water. However my past summer is somehow disordered with its usual way, Here goes my experience…

During the midst of hot season I am to be relaxing the whole time. However, on my summer vacation I am obliged to study and review for the upcoming college entrance test which I need to be passed for me to have a good beginning on the collegiate level. I never wondered how my summer goes by doing such things as busy as school works. I forced myself to be piquant in spending my time in plausible things that will help me from the future activities since summer time is the only available for me to spend on.

In my review class, I felt first the boredom of listening and listening the whole time since school year has been ended and this thing followed. At first I didn’t felt the aura of studying hence I am imagining myself on a summer trip elsewhere feeling the splash and waves of water. On the next days I get used to it, I took it seriously as a class on our school. I actively participate on questions and jot down the things I didn’t know and made it as my routine till it ends.

As it ends I felt melancholic again because I can’t still experience swimming on water on that season. I almost loosed my hope till one day my dad approaches me about their yearly summer outing and asked me if I wanted to join. My blood boils and my nerves are vibrating because of excitement and loudly say YES! Alas! I am to experience it at last.

And the most awaited day came. I woke up early before the chicken croaks due to excitement and extreme happiness. When we were there I was amazed with the place having its unique beauty. After lunch I decided to swim, I am almost magnetized with the water because I didn’t want to go up and have rest. Furthermore, they made a game and I am one of the contestants the mechanics was that we are going to pass over the pool back and forth with my partner without the noodle breaks as the can is hanging on it. In fact we were the winners and receive lots of prices. Then the summer trip ended.

I am very glad that I’ve experienced the fun of summer since I start the season with stressful activities and works. I hope you also have the memorable and of the best summer vacations in your life. Never stop hoping on things to be happened just believe it may occur in the right place and time. Good day everyone!

Contributed by: Raymond Joseph Yabut

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  1. It seems that the picture of splshing waters in the pool is distracting you from the review. Unfortunately, those reviews are part of an incoming 4th year life. But it seems that you have enjoyed from the review. The picture look great though. Both the swimming pook and from the review classes.
    Some parts of the article are funny, including the title, haha. Your article is great. :)


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