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Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation Honors A New Set of Leaders

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This kinda attracted my attention when a fellow bloggers made this comment below with regards to an article posted in the Wazzup Pilipinas FB group.

"I just hope someone rich in the movie industry invest in a Ramon Magsaysay movie. i can see the opening wherein a young Ramon is playing paper airplanes with a tubuhan kid (son of a poor family) in the tubuhan and as the little Ramon lifts his paper airplane, a real airplane shows up in the sky, then the title of the movie shows up. the opening is indicative of the climax wherein the old Ramon dies in the plane crash."
I must admit its a great thought and I will also support the same idea. We need more movies that depicts historical facts and real leaders that can be heroes unlike the popular fictitious superheroes we could only imagine to be real because of their uncanny and extraordinary powers.

We simply just have to idolize real heroes and not the super-powered ones that could only be part of our childhood desires.

With the concurrence of the Philippine government, the trustees of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) established the Ramon Magsaysay Award to honor his memory and perpetuate the late President who was truly loved by his constituents and forever lived throughout history as one of the most admired President of the Philippines. 

From what I have read, the Ramon Magsaysay award is considered to be the Nobel Peace Prize of Asia of whom one of the popular Filipino recipients was in 1988 by the Iron Lady of Asia, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, who was commissioner of Immigration and Deportation then and has set out to show that a traditionally corrupt government agency can be reformed.

With the mention of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago's name, I'm sure you might have some violent reactions. Was she ever recognized as a peace fighter, or maybe a a fighter of a corrupt government. Perhaps some of it may be true, but the Senator's character has been despised by many, and taunted by an equal number of detractors while other just consider her a s a clown in the circus called the Senate.

Regardless to whom the award was given, or would be given, the thought is still there to recognize admirable individuals worthy of a place in history to be looked upon by the youth of tomorrow.

Keep on hoping there would be more of these leaders around for positive change and a different kind of leadership to be emulated..

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  1. It is good to know that we Filipinos have respect for real-life heroes who strive hard to make our country a better place and are ready to face the challenges in making reforms.
    I like how they pay respect to former president Ramon Magsaysay who himself strove hard to give a good life to the people of the Philippines.

    These awards help our community to strive harder in accomplishing the task of removing the suffering and poverty that our country is currently experiencing and it also gives recognition to the people who have already committed their services to the community and whom are currently assisting in achieving a better life.

    Lean Cedric Mandanas

  2. It is nice to hear that we as Filipino citizens has due honor and respect to our late presidents and remarkable people formed our country to be the best and the finest. The late Ramon Magsaysay I think is the best example of an ideal hero who made a lot of accomplishments in the country making him as the ultra-magnanimous person in the eyes of the Filipino people by that time.

    The Ramon Magsaysay award is an honor named after him for his life to be remembered. A chosen set of people who strove hard and made lots of achievements in many ways by helping other people or by community service and the likes can receive this most precious award. I assume that this honorable rights give a lot of motivation to us Filipinos in continuing good service to our country to be recognized not only the Philippines but also by the whole world.

    Yabut, Raymond Joseph
    IV- Copernicus


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