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Agico Vegetarian Cafe : Healthier Dishes Without Sacrifing the Taste

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I think its about time we try vegetarian food for a change. Something inside my guts tell me I'm getting too fat from all the food reviews I've been into. That is why I would normally prefer to dine with a bevy of my friends so I would have an excuse not to finish all of the food, and there's plenty of them to eat up all the last pieces of the dish.

But with vegetarian food, its less the guilt because you are eating healthy food sourced from organic ingredients straight from Mother Nature's backyard.

So dig in and enjoy great food with no hesitation!

We got to the restaurant at past 7 pm because it was a bit difficult to find the place, and the taxi driver was not a bit helpful. I think he was intentionally getting us lost to jack up the cost of the fare. It was a good thing my friend decided to call up with his mobile phone another friend who was familiar with the place. His friend then guided us to which street we should go. We still got a little bit lost because some street signs are really difficult to comprehend, but I'm sure we got there a lot more quicker compared to finding the venue on our own.

Agico is a family owned business of the Co family, of whom all are proud vegetarians. Her mother’s excellent cooking skills played a big role in the Co family’s vegetarian way of living. Grizel Co shares that  her Mother cooks really well so they felt it was something worth sharing with the rest of the world. When a place in San Juan that was close to their home opened up, they jumped at the chance to bring Grizel’s mother’s home cooking to the rest of Metro Manila. The family chose to go with Japanese cuisine because they felt its is healthier than most food.



But what's interesting about Agico Vegetarian Cafe is that unless somebody informs you of the real ingredients of your meal, it would be surprising to know you are actually eating food made out of vegetables.Its what they call "mock meat" where the food taste and looks somewhat similar to the real fish, chicken, pork or beef.

I guess the owners prefer not to touch our friendly neighborhood animals to be part of their Japanese dishes. Only the harvest of a plantation would dare touch their kitchen table, and gets served to their guests who value a healthy and hearty meal.

The choices of drinks were plenty. Each one of us decided to order different drinks so we could take a picture of each one of them. Sometimes I get tempted to just eat the damn yummy food without thinking of taking photos anymore. But the food were really so great that its meant for sharing with the rest of the world.

The food were exceptional. They can be a little strange-tasting to first-time customers but it is something people can get to appreciate more over time. Too bad I'm not really good in memorizing the names of the numerous dishes that were served to us.  

But I will update this blog post as soon as I am able to ask around and research on it.

Cocoa Rock Salt

Wintermelon Milk Tea


After the drinks, the food all keep coming in and served on our tables. After some quick photos, we all partook of the food blessings. yes! They are blessings that were sent from up above.

Bacon Mushroom Burger 

"Of course, the substitutes are not really comparable to the real things , but Agico cooks their food so well that one may be convinced to turn the other cheek." *

Philadelphia Torch Maki

Spicy Karaage Ramen

Beef Ramen

"It’s always good to have healthier alternatives to some ingredients that help us pack on the carbs. As people become more and more health-conscious (or environmentally aware, in the case of some others), the need for establishments that offer delicious food to cater to their needs steadily arises." *




Pinoy Best Burger
Be sure to try them all out. Its worth the visit, but again I would suggests you go there earlier or even before dark if you are just commuting or taking a taxi cab. If you have your own car, and its your first time to go there, then be ready to lose a lot of gas.

For more information, please take a look at their Facebook page :

Address: 83 Araullo St Maytunas, San Juan  

Phone Number: (02) 705-1997

*credits to for some of the quotes.

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