Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Unique Melody Mage Cabled with Whiplash TWag v2 OM

How does the Mage sound? Also, how does the TWag change the sonic characteristics of the Mage? I've always resisted the temptation to buy an aftermarket cable, but arguably at the price level of these customs the owners already gunning for the maximum sound quality possible.

I've always thought about the Mage as something like the custom version of the UM3x with forward mids. Too bad UM Phil didn't have a demo version so I could hear the general sonic signature ("general" because the demos sound quite inferior to the real deal).

The Mage is not mostly tuned for forward mids but it is more tuned for a brighter sound signature. When I say brighter sound signature, the highs are more accentuated throughout the spectrum but doesn't drown the other notes for the mids and lows, in addition there is no sibilance, 0%. The main strengths of the Mage are Exceptional acoustics and vocal reproduction, lively sound (doesn't have that dark sound sig CIEM/IEM), fast and high quality bass (Best bass quality I've heard so far), imaging is excellent, soundstage is really wide but not that tall (more of landscape type or widescreen).

*Disclaimer - The TWag recommended burn-in is 300 hours. So far I'm at the 100-hour mark burn-in therefore the full potential of the TWag is not yet heard.

Switching from stock cable to TWag, The first thing that you will notice is the added clarity to the highs and mids and extension of lows and highs. Soundstage made it more wide and added depth (taller). What surprised me is the added live presentation to the Mage by the fact Mage has already a bright sound sig, it surprised me that it made more enjoying to listen. TWag is worth the money.

Don't resist even if you know the benefits already, cause you'll end up buying the product. Sorry for the long write-up. I just like to be certain as possible.

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