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Trav-A-Mat : The Perfect Travelers Mat


Banig, a handwoven mat made from an indigenous reed named tikog (Fimbristylis utilis), is usually used for sleeping. Overtime, it has been used in other forms like native bags, throw pillows, place mats, framed art works, and it now adorns modern walls panels, furniture mattings and even used in designer clothings. 

I recently met this guy who has this great idea he most probably derived from the local Philippine "banig" or mat made from quality raw materials in the Philippines. They're really fine, hand-woven products painstakingly crafted by local workers with undoubtedly a lot of creative touch.We got to see the actual products when he brought with him some samples during a small gathering we had earlier.

The Trav-A-Mat or travelers mat or "banig" is really of good quality. According to the owner, the "banig" is exported to other countries like Switzerland. It's mainly sold to backpackers in nearby cities. The product has a huge potential to be launched as a global brand. The owner is now in the process of partnering with designers. Hopefully he can get a big name to back it up.

He focuses on products made of pandan leaves, palm leaves, sea grass(payok-payok), and tikog. He says he ships these items to a Filipino store in Geneva and plans to sell them online very soon.

The video below is a short documentary film featuring the lives of local mat weavers in a very small town in Leyte, Philippines. This docu shows you how to weave eco-friendly Philippine mats (banig) and how this industry provides livelihood to the community. Banig, an earth-friendly handwoven mat made from an indigenous reed named tikog (Fimbristylis utilis), is usually used for sleeping and organic beach mats. Overtime, it has been used in other forms like eco mats, native bags, throw pillows, eco-friendly place mats, framed art works, and it now adorns modern walls panels, furniture mattings and even used in designer clothings.

Its biodegradable. All- natural. Hand-made and made from renewable materials. Durable (the grass strand is fibrous). All weather(the grass grows on swamps/water, so you can get it wet, as long as you dry it again, it should be good a s new). 

It's also fashionable, light weight, smooth on skin, and more. The only downside is, this cannot really go commercial due to its intricate design. It really takes a long time to make one of these. It takes 1 week to finish a single sized mat. That's because its hand-woven. So it will be all worth it to own one. 

The product is actually available only for export. . However, the owner gets a lot of emails from friends who want to buy. He's thinking twice because there will be a pricing issue when he releases this locally. It will be very expensive as well because this was designed to be ergonomic and fashionable at the same time. Not practical for the local market. So as of now, this is intended for the export market only.

If the owner gets lucky, this will be also available in outdoor shops like North Face, Columbia, etc. More product pictorials below:

 Learn more about his products at

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  1. Its a mat that we as a Filipino can be proud of. Instead of using foam which is not too conducive for any climate of any types of temperatures a country may have.

  2. The traveling mat is a good idea. It promotes our very own banig and somewhat the "tangkilikin ang sariling atin". I think the owner should sell it also in the Philippines. If it were me, I think it's worth endorsing and I find it recommendable.

  3. It's something more from the usual banig available, and I find it cool and unique. Unfortunately, this isn't available in the local market. I think the owner should be open for transaction within the Philippines. Not only will this product increase our national income,but this will also offer something to those who don't have a job, for making hand-woven products is a skill most of the Filipinos are best known. I will surely buy one once it's available, and maybe I can recommend this to my relatives and friends.

  4. This is indeed a great idea! Because it embodies us Filipinos. As Philippines as the mother of the Travmat, it is something to be proud of and all. It should be available in the Philippines, there are travelers amongst us right and there are many Filipinos who'd gladly use one! Onve it becomes available I will recommend it to my friends amd relatives especiallh those who lives to travel a lot! :)

  5. The Trav-a-Mat is just one of the many examples to show people that something made in the Philippines can actually be world-class. The idea of introducing an eco-friendly product to people who like to mingle with nature is something that can easily be sold under the right circumstances in the market. Thus, for me, I think that testing the waters of the product under the "for export only" category is the right thing to do. After all, the aim is to really see if globally, the product will be able to stand against similar items in the market. We Filipinos, unfortunately, prefer to purchase products that have been used, tried, and tested abroad as the belief is that these have passed worldwide standards. I guess after it has made its test run abroad with positive results, then the entrepreneur should reconsider having the product made available locally. After all, if this was actually sold here, I would definitely love to give them as gifts to family members and friends. Or better yet, perhaps, recommend them to friends who sell items at bazaars to boost market awareness.

  6. trav-a-mat is innovative, world class and unique because you can transform it to a bag,to a pillow, to a body covering, and to a a mat is also Eco-friendly and invulnerable. the owner should also sell it to the Philippines and to export it to other country so that we could maximize the net exports, net factor incomes so that our economy will rise.:) and i will recommend it to my relatives and friends

  7. The travelling mat is a great original idea from our country, which we should be proud of. The owner should also sell it in the Philippines because there are also lots of travelers here in our country. And if this product will be available in the market soon I’ll surely recommend this to my friends and relatives.

  8. The idea of Trav-A-Mat is very unique and great which we should be proud of. I think the owner should also sell the Trav-A-Mat in the Philippines because first of all it is made in the Philippines, just exported in other countries and lastly he is a Filipino no matter the price is. Yes I would be proud of the idea of my fellow countrymen, I will surely advertise it to others.

  9. This is a great innovative idea because it promotes Filipino made products and it also give an idea that Filipino products are very useful. Light weight, place mat, eco friendly and many more. I think that the owner should also sell it to the Philippines because it is made from the Philippines. Yes this product should be recommended to all because of its great uses.

  10. Trav-A-Mat is truly a remarkable idea. It promotes the Philippines merchandise abroad which I think is really good to our economy. Filipino products are going world class and I am pleased to say that. I don’t think that Filipinos are going to purchase it if there are “banigs” that is not expensive. So I really think that the owner should just export it and sell it at a high price. It’s a great idea, I know that but I don’t think that it is something that I should recommend to my friends and relatives. Why? Just like what I’ve said earlier, there are lot of banig that can be bought in our local market at a low price.

  11. It is a huge innovation for our banig industry. It showed a lot of our creativity and resourcefulness. It looks very convenient and fashionable. But with its price, I think its still better if it stays for export. The product would be infamous in the local market because of its price so its better to stick where it properly belongs, if it is the right decision why not? We still have our own local banig weavers right? We can patronize our own while supporting the new Trav-A-Mat. I would be also be glad to spread the news to my family members, it is indeed a great idea and purely filipino. It is a great product and very useful to our lifestyle especially when we are traveling. Without any bias, I can proudly say that its the best traveler's mat and agree to this article.

  12. kristavilla olavianoJanuary 15, 2013 at 8:29 PM

    The trav-a-mat one of a great innovative idea. I think this is bright idea cause it shows creativeness, resourcefulness and it gives job to our fellow Filipino's. I think this product should be globally available because of it's usefulness. Of course. Iwll endorse this product to my family and friends :)

  13. I think this traveling mat is really a great innovative idea.It shows how creative Filipinos are and how resourceful we are. I think the owner should not limit the export of this product. He/She should have open this locally because we are Filipinos. We have the rights to use this product. Also, there are many Filipinos who are travelers in this country so they really need one. Once it becomes available I will surely recommend this product to my friends and relatives.

  14. I think this mat is a very good idea because it combines functionality, durability, portability, creativity, and eco-friendliness. This will be a huge hit once they figure out how to produce this cheaply. I hope it reaches the local and global market.

  15. This is a very good idea. It's more practical and more portable than our beloved banig. I think that this product should be available both for export and in the Philippines. I would recommend it to my friends and relatives because we all love travelling to different places and such.

  16. The trav-a-mat product is a good idea because everything is there, the quality, creativity, portability and it is eco-friendly. The travelling mat is also fashionable and comfortable to use. I can say that Filipino products are the best among the rest and are really need to be proud of. I can also say that Filipinos are very creative, fashionable, resourceful and eco-friendly.
    Iam a proud Filipino!!! :)

  17. This is a bright idea! it just shows that the Philippines have something to be really proud of, and this is because of the creative minds of the Filipinos... I hope it will soon be in our local market, we should be the first ones who'll support our own. I would definitely and proudly recommend this to my friends and relatives!!! ;)

  18. This Trav-A-Mat is really a great innovative idea. It really promotes our country because of the use of "banig" It also just prove that we Filipinos are very resourceful. Then it also help some Filipinos to have a job because manpower is what a Trav-A-Mat needs. I think it should not be only available for export because as a Filipino, we should also have an advantage from our own products. I will really endorse this and recommend this to my friends and relatives if this will be available in the Philippines.

  19. Trav-a-mat is a very good idea! A product of creativity, and necessity. This can be use everywhere. Easy to use with good quality and of course, comfortable. The owner must sell it to the Philippines because Filipinos will be attracted to that mat like it was a product of our own. Of course, I will recommend this mat to my family and relatives. I know its capabilities that will make my fam and relatives agree to buy this.

  20. The trav-a-mat is just a proof that we, Filipinos, are creative. Let's support this idea because I know that this will be a great signature product of our very awesome country. :))

  21. It is an innovative idea to have a trav a mat. It should not be limited to expert , since we must also enjoy our own product. Before i recommend it , i mysef should try it firdt

  22. Travelling mat is a very fantastic Idea. It embodies the artistry and creativity of our native Filipinos that we can be proud of. This should be known worldwide for it is a very portable baggage. If I'm proud of it, then it is my pleasure to recommend it.

  23. Patronizing Trav-A-Mat is great way in expressing your love for your country in a way that you patronize your country's product.

  24. Trav-a-mat is a great innovative idea because it promotes our country by using the "banig" and it has many uses plus you can bring it with you anywhere you go. I think the owner should not limit it to export only but he should also sell it in the Philippines. Surely, many Filipinos will buy the product and I would even recommend the travelling mat to my friends and relatives.

  25. A Great Innovative Idea, from a cultural origin. I have seen many mats that turns into a bag, but I haven't seen banig (although it is a mat) as its subject. I think this is a better idea because banig is relatively lighter than other mats. Not only that, it promotes the authenticity of the product. Banigs are hand-woven most of the time.

    It is quite a weird idea that an authentic product was sold internationally but not locally. And this product was already exported to other countries like Switzerland. This should be placed in markets inside our country.

    I will definitely recommend this product.

  26. The trav-a-mat is a great innovative idea. It has many uses, lightweight, made from quality raw materials found in the Philippines. you can bring it anywhere! perfect for travelling and vacation. But this product should not only be limited for exporting. we Filipinos should also have those things that are something to be proud of having. the travelers' mat was made by Filipinos and we should patronize our own products. I would highly recommend this to my friends and relatives especially to those who love to travel. this would be perfect!

  27. Trav-A-Mat is a GREAT idea but not actually that innovative. I don't know, it's not really innovative enough but the idea of making the banig portable is good. I don't know if it could be successful in the Phillippines because banigs can be bought here everywhere in a much less cheaper price, but not necessarily as durable as these but at least still cheaper and Filipinos love good bargain. Yes, I would recommend it to my relatives living in abroad.

  28. This idea shows that Filipinos are truly wise and smart. It also endorse the product of our fellow Filipinos. This idea shows that "banig" don't have only one purpose. There is a lot. We should admire and honor those people who made this idea. Our president must see this article and this should be televise for those people who did not read this article.

  29. Russel John M. BrionesJanuary 16, 2013 at 1:21 AM

    This travelling mat is an innovative idea. I SALUTE THE MAKER OF THIS object.:)This innovative idea is so great that it will improve the lifestyle of the Filipinos. I believe that while exporting this product, we should concentrate on improving the production of this product within the country. I will truly recommend this stuff to my friends and relatives..:))

  30. I'd love to have one of the mats. To have a nice stay somewhere far, traveling is just one of the things I want to always happen. The idea of this may not be that innovative but it really is helpful and beneficial.

  31. It's a good idea for travel since having a mat rather than a bare surface is really different. I think the owner should sell it also in the Philippines since it's beneficial for some Philippine travelers. I would not recommend the product since my friends and relatives doesn't have a purpose for that thing but I'm not saying the product is bad.

  32. Honestly I’ve never liked to travel especially to long distance place because I often became dizzy and sick but I really appreciate the proponent who made the Travelling Mat because it was many purpose and very nationalistic, unique and I really think that it is a great innovative idea. I think the owner should export this to attract more tourists to come here in the Philippines because IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES. This idea would convince the Tourists to come here and promoting our nation. I was so amaze with this product so I really recommend the product to my friends and relatives because it’s useful, beneficial, made in the Philippines and very unique. So why wait now and grab one.
    To the blogger, I appreciate the pictures because it is well captured and very convincing.

  33. The Trav-a-mat is a great innovative idea and also, this products shows that Filipinos are creative people. As for me, I want this product to be exported at the same time be sold here in the Philippines at much more affordable price. I would definitely recommend this to friends and relatives especially to those who loves to travel.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. The trav-a-mat is a great innovative. It has many different uses. It can also be easily carried, because of its lite weight. This mat should not be limited for export only. It should be sold to our country as well. This product is very recommendable. People on vacation, or travelers may find these very useful.

  36. This thing is a crafty idea. It proves that Filipinos are resourceful and artistic at the same time.The whole world must see this and many Filipinos will be proud of it. This thing is desirable and my family should try this.

  37. The Tav-A-Mat is really a great innovative idea. It promotes our country and it's Eco friendly. :) It should not be limited to export only, the owner should sell it also in the Philippines. Patronize our own. :) (Tangkilikin ang Sariling atin! :) ) I would gladly recommend this Trav-a-Mat to my friend and relatives. :)

  38. This is a groundbreaking mat. I never thought that mats could have other amazing uses. This product should be available in the Philippines, too. Filipinos should be the first one exalting this product. But it's first sold in other countries so I'd just like to say that this product should be available in our country. This product is something that we should exceedingly be proud of.

  39. For me to be realistic here.... this thing is very handy but.... I think only few people will dare to use this becasue in reality.. if someone saw you with this thing they will tease you as "magsasaka" etc... you know how other people might be.. but still this is a very good idea :)

  40. Trav-A-Mat will be a great hit just for the foreigner but not for the locals. This item won't be appreciated with the colonial mentality that our locals have.

  41. Trav-A-Mat is one great innovative idea. Its characteristics like portability is a reason for me to applaud it. I'd be happy to purchase one and use it for my sleep -- at school maybe. We should totally sell it locally and export it too. Many will surely patronize it. It will be very useful for campers out there too. I would recommend it to my friends and relatives. If they are to purchase it, I will invite them so that we could watch the evening sky while lying on our own Trav-a-Mats. :D

  42. This traveling mat is a great innovative idea. However much it seems... unoriginal since some versions can be bought (the basic bag) in provinces, this seems to make much more sense as the simple design of the Trav-A-Mat allows for much greater mobility, and utility. Well, I think it IS a good idea to limit it to export, as the simple and of-the-same-materials bags are much favored by Filipinos, particularly because of the price, and the simple ones are already common enough in the Philippines. In other countries, however, it would definitely be able to sell well. I would recommend it, IF I had a relative who loves traveling. Well, I do! I WOULD buy it IF I had enough money to go to vacations AND had the will to do so. However, I don't. In fact, I really don't have any extra money with me nowadays, as I think I need to save for something else first, as our prom is near.

  43. I would use the cliché "good" to describe this "Trav-a-mat" because For ME, it isn't that brilliant + highly innovate BUT it is great fact that it efficiently utilizes our own crafts. It's commendable that they not only promote this for the Filipinos to patronize, but they also advertise it globally. Surprisingly, it is now on the verge of being world-renowned! That's an excellent job for the Filipinos, then!

    Keep Moving Forward, Pilipinas! :)

  44. I am very sure that this traveling mat has crossed the Filipino travelers' minds before. But I am proud that this man made it real. I think that this is another innovation for our country. It is all-in-one. A bag, a mat, a pillow, etc. It is a great idea, really! Moreover, it has been fashioned to be portable, useful, and stylish! With Trav-A-Mat, we also endorse the use of our native products. It is very eco-friendly.

    I strongly believe that this product be available to Filipinos also because first and foremost, this product was 'born' in our country. Are we willing to let the other countries experience and utilize first this item? No.

    Of course, I would recommend this to my friends and relatives. The qualities of a traveler is in our bloodline so this item is really a must-have. -Maku :)

  45. The girl who wrapped this banig all over her body is epic.

    I like this Trav-A-mat. It's biodegradable, useful, handy, and cool. This is well suited for people who loves outdoor activities and visiting scenic places. These product promote our culture and products, I hope more things that endorses our country comes next after this.

  46. This mat may not be one of the greatest leap for our generation but the nobility introduced attracts customers to buy the Trav-A-Mat. It was able to utilize both creativity and convenience. I admire the person who came up with this idea, turning the simple handwoven mat into a global product.

    I do hope that there would be more innovative ideas such as this one. It could inspire a lot of people in making their own creations. Who knows, you might be the next person in the headlines for your invention.

  47. maybe other people think that it was just a simple mat. But for us, Filipinos it symbolizes the hardworking and the creativity of the Filipino. And as a Filipino, I'm proud of it.. This Trav-a-mat was very unique idea because the "banig" which we are using commonly in sleeping where now formed into a new usage such as, bag and dress.I think the owner of it should export it and promote it also to our country.

  48. We are all entitled to our opinion so I believe that this Trav-A-Mat idea is just in an average level, it didn't "wow" me.It's not that innovative and sophisticated.If he did this product during the time of my grandparents, yes it is a very great idea but we are already in the 21st century.I'm expecting a lot better which is more sophisticated and modern type of designs.I still admire the person who came up with this idea,atleast he tried to show his ideas to other countries.Nice try

  49. Honestly, I like seeing weaved products like this one. I like "bayong" and such stuff. This is how Filipinos were known worldwide. But I just don't like the idea if we're just gonna sell it outside the country. Yes we are so full of things like this but I still believe that there are more Filipinos who love their own than colonial materials.

  50. This product is really a great idea. It promotes our own country.
    It is something that we can be proud of. By just a simple "banig" you can use it in different ways it is like a 3 - in -1 or the likes. So selling it to our own country is a good idea because we are addicted to imported products. We should love our own products.

  51. Sean Michole GeronimoJanuary 16, 2013 at 8:06 PM

    This Trav-A-Mat shows that we Filipinos from the Philippines have something to be really proud of, and this is because of our creative minds .and it promotes our culture and our country.. I hope it would soon be available in our local market, we Filipinos should be the first ones to support this product because it expresses our love for your country in a way that we patronize our own product.

  52. I think that the Trav-A-Mat is a great innovative idea but I think it should be limited to export only because I think that not too many people from the Philippines will actually buy and patronize that certain product. I would certainly recommend the Trav-A-Mat to my friends and relatives because it's eco-friendly and it's a great alternative for the usual mats out there.

  53. With the bloom of technology, I must admit "Trav-A-Mat" is one :D

    I mean , the idea of the product is not very innovative at some point for me due to the fact that , more imagination and creativity should be utilized , considering the capabilities of our modern day technologies.
    Still kudos to the creator , for having the idea to utilize something into other useful material.

    Selling it globally would not be a bad thing after all.

    I would recommend it to my friends and relatives , it may be new to them. xD

  54. For me, travelling-mat is a great and adorable idea because that material was made considering fashion, environment, and even the quality of the mat. I think, it must be available in the Philippines, too but we must not expect an inexpensive price because as stated in the article, it takes a long time to finish one mat and also because of its complicated design.
    I would surely recommend this to my friends and relatives because this idea has its own vastness that is totally convincing and it is all worth it to have one. :)

  55. The Trav-A-Mat is a very cool product. It is because it is very efficient to bring anywhere. The owner should sell it also in the philippines. because we have many tourists spots and many travelers that are in the philippines. But I think I will endorse this product to my family because every christmas break we used to go to ilocos and that product is useful.

  56. this is a great product. this proves that Filipinos know how to make the most out of one product.they are creative enough to make something out of nothing. if this product was made by the Filipino people, it would be kind of stupid if it will be just be exported. these are made by the Filipinos, the Filipinos also deserve to buy this product. this will promote patriotism. it would be a great product for travelling. since this is a pretty new idea, i might recommend this to some people i know

  57. I think this Trav-A-mat is not that innovative for us Filipinos because "banig" is very common on us Filipinos but maybe on the other country it is innovative and maybe this is the reason why the producer is thinking twice on selling it on the Philippines but on the other hand the person/people behind deserve to be applauded because he/she/they promote Filipino product :D Maybe it's a bad idea to sell it locally because as I have said earlier "banig" is very common to us Filipinos and more Filipinos are practical and as what is said on the article "it will be expensive if it will be market locally" so I don't think Filipinos will buy a simple "banig" at high price (thought that I think they will be thinking of). I'll think twice because I think all of my relatives have an idea on what is "banig" and they will think that there's nothing new on that.

  58. The travelling mat is a great idea. The mat should not be limited to export only, they should sell it here in the Phils. Yes, I would recommend this to my friends and relatives.

  59. Trav-A-Mat : The Perfect Travelers Mat

    Wow! This is a great idea! This invention really proves that "It is more fun in the Philippines!". :) Even though it is so simple, I really appreciate the fact that Filipinos are very creative and productive. This mat can symbolize the culture of Filipinos. It's so glad to know that we never forget the important things that contributed to who we, Filipinos are.
    I think, this mat can attract many foreigners to go in our country. This can also help in the exports of our country.

  60. Who would have imagine that a typical mat can be turn into something more useful, which is this is so called "traveler's mat. There is no doubt in it's durability and usefulness base on the reasons stated above.
    I can't blame the inventor for not selling it into the market in the Philippines. Admit or not, most of us do not consider as something new since mat is already available to our country since before.
    Maybe if this product would be further improve, I would recommend it to my relatives.

  61. The Trav-A-Mat is indeed an innovative idea / work simply because you can bring this anywhere and anytime. This product shouldn't be exported only outside our country but this product shall also be sold here in our country to show support on our own product. I will recommend this perfect travelling mat to my friends and relatives, especially those who loves to travel around our country.

  62. The idea of the travelling mat will help economic rise.. this innovative idea will promote the Philippines products in world market. I think we should sell this products all over the world for us to be known and we should also improve its designs cause it helps Filipino designers to have an opportunity, job and people will know how good our designers are!

    -achilles ^^

  63. I could describe this as a novel idea but not really a modern one. But, this is really impressive for it has combined the art and functionality in one product. And not just that, I would also like to speak well of how this goes globally! How very praiseworthy to those who have created this. I would definitely endorse this to my friends and relatives. :)

  64. This craft that was made by a Pinoy would surely be a great hit in the market. Specially to those people who loves travelling. It is impressive and a very great innovative idea that will surely help the economic growth of our country and different opportunities and stuff will be accompanied by this.

  65. The travelling mat is a great idea. It is awesome, useful and sooooo attractive. Because of its new style, it is not embarrassing for me to recommend it to my friends. It would also be great if we have it here in the Philippines. ;))

  66. It's not really that innovative but nevertheless I find it cool. I never thought of using a banig outdoors, Filipinos are sure unpredictable. Since this is a proud product of ours, it would be unfair if it were to be for exports only, this product should also be sold among us Filipinos here in the country. Yup, I would love to reccommend this product to my friends and relatives, since summer is almost approaching, buying one or two mats may not be a bad idea at all.

  67. The traveling mat has a great innovative idea because you can carry this anywhere. They should sell this traveling mat not just on foreign countries but also here in the Philippines. We, the Filipinos must also experience the craft that has been made by our fellow countryman. I would probably recommend this product to my friends and relatives for them to also experience how great Filipino hands are.

  68. Yes it's a great idea because it is made of natural materials and at the same time,the culture of our country is being promoted.The owner should also sell it to our country for us Filipinos to go back to our culture and appreciate it.Of course I would recommend the product because it's new and I can help to promote our country's culture in that way.

  69. Trav-A-Mat is a brilliant idea! Practically, it is still used by some Filipinos that are exported from provinces, that I would highly recommend to my friends and families for outing stuffs. It should not be limited in exporting these product, but rather I would highly suggest these to every Filipino. It is because we Filipino deserve this.

  70. This is a good idea, not only promoting portability and resourcefulness, but also our very own native product. This travel-buddy deserves to be introduced not only here in our country but to other countries.
    This is my first time to encounter this Trav-A-Mat and I'm pretty sure most of the people I know haven't heard of this before too, so I might be spreading the news (and maybe ask them to buy me one) :))

  71. Indeed Trav-A-Mat is a great idea and very innovative in such way that it was really improvised specially for travelers. And I commend this for a lot of travelers because this is handy and very useful most likely this is indeed eco-freindly. I think the owner should promote this to the whole wide world :)) Because this is really very good. And I think this will make a big business once this will be entertained and I think it will because its peculiar. Honestly I will promote this to my relatives and friends, because guys who wants to carry a lot of things just to be able to feel comfortable in a place if what u only need is a mat where you can relax and enjoy your place plus a mat that is HANDY.No pressure at all. Just enjoy. See its useful. :))

  72. This kind of idea is great, because you can carry somethings using this. I like to have one. But of course, this kind of product shall be sold here in our country. We should patronize this kind of product. It's my pleasure to recommend this travelling mat to my family, friends, and relatives.. ;D

  73. This is a great idea from a Cultural origin because it combines durability, creativity, and eco-friendliness. Maybe other people think that it was just a SIMPLE MAT. But for us Filipinos, it symbolizes the hardworking and the creativity. And we Filipinos should be proud of it. This Trav-a-mat was very solitary idea because the "banig" which we are using frequently in sleeping where now formed into a new convention such as, bag and dress. I suggest that the owner should export it and promote it also to our country. :)

  74. Trav-A-Mat was an awesome product of the Filipino minds. This proves that Filipinos are not just hospitable and generous, they also have creative and powerful minds that can create a world class product. Even though it's just a mat, still it has a unique quality. I hope that Filipinos can improvise this mat and make it more a world class product !

  75. The Trav-a-Mat is a very great idea. It is impressive that this product is well known internationally. Of course I will recommend this to my friends and relatives. An excellent invention like this is truly one oaf a kind. It is right to share what we have to everyone.

  76. I grew up sleeping in one of those. Though not exactly that one but the 'banig' itself. I may say that this is a great innovative idea. And exporting Trav-A-Mat is also a great idea. It's something new that people from other countries would appreciate and totally need.
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