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Cucina Andare: Part 2 of Great Food Choices During Weekends!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I have to share the other food choices that I failed to mention on my first blog about Cucina Andare (with an exclamation point). This weekend food market (actually being sold as a food truck market but there are still many stalls inside not housed in a truck) has terrific food vendors with products of great potential to become big and famous if given the right exposure and opportunity to fame...and eventual fortune!

I know there are plenty of them out there worthy of a mention so please forgive me if I again miss out on you.  Just post a comment for its either I forgot to take a photo of your stall or the photo came out all blurry (or I just didn't really liked your food at all).

But I have to say, your visit to the Cucina Andare food truck market won't be a disappointment. It's worth your time and money!

You have to dig in to the creamy white sauced pasta of the "Family and Friends"  (couldn't spell or say the Italian version Famiglia e Amici) italian dishes. They let me try out a bit of their pasta and I really loved it. Too bad it was not the full serving and I never got to taste the fish fillet or grilled chicken that's suppose to come with it (so I can't say if they're good or bad). But don't get me wrong, they're a bit more generous than the other food stalls which only gave the "littlest itsy-bitsy teenie weenie" bite ever imaginable.


Next on the list is  Maria's Ilocos Empanada - This one gave me a full serving of their orange colored empanada that goes well with their vinegar sauce. They prepare and cook it fresh right infront of you.

Casa Goni Spanish Cuisine offers different kinds of Paella served in huge pans.  They let me taste their specialty Wagyu Paella which I have to agree does taste superb! It is not very often that vendors offer these type of food in food markets, and was very glad I was able to taste something totally different from the usual fried and grilled food.

I would like to taste the rest of the paella but they didn't offered it so I couldn't really tell anything about the other three.The other three were Beef Salpicao (New Zealand Beef Tenderloin marinated in a special sauce and served with Saffron rice), Paella Negra (black because of the squid ink and with mussels and clams), and 3 (homemade, smoked and chorizo bilbao) Chorizo Paella.

Now I have to say that this is one of my favorites. It was the first one that I got to taste, but also the one that I couldn't really shake off my mind, and taste buds!

The P-Noy wings of B.Wings (short for Buffalo Wings - the home of the Black Mamba) was an adventure in taste. It's not spicy but the taste is quite tangy and lemony! Truly Yummy!Yummy! Yummy!

Well they just gave me one piece to try but it was one of the best pieces I tasted in Cucina Andare!

Among the other food truck that were present at the Cucina Andare food truck market, I think Brothers Burger need no more promotion. They already made a name for themselves form their restos that offer huge servings of delicious burgers that are tasty and filling enough to satisfy any hunger. 

They were even on a 50% off as an opening treat during the start of the food market....but still they gave me a full serving of their burger so I can fully experience their product in its entirety.

Never fails to impress! Still among the best burgers in town!

Guac Truck gave us a regular size Big Chill smoothie that's a mixture of coconut and mango flavors. I enjoyed the drink. It was refreshing and had just enough zest and flavor in it.  However, they did not gave us any sampler of their tacos, nachos and the rest of their food products.

There are a lot more food stalls and trucks out there but a bunch of them did not provide any complimentary food or sampler for us (bloggers). I guess they don't understand the necessity of providing samplers for food reviewers and may have thought the few pesos they will lose is not worth any bloggers or media review....or maybe their food is too bad they are afraid the food reviewers may only give them a poor rating.

I do understand them, but it was so disappointing to not have a complete evaluation of all the stalls and food trucks that participated in Cucina Andare because we couldn't really say anything about if we were not able to taste their food (so please,.... they better not hate us if we did not include them in our reviews).

We're not reviewing because we just want to have some free food - its just a non-paying job, or a hobby, for many of us. We were just invited to review, and blog about it, to share the facts to our readers and followers.

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