Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Amalayer : End of the World Lies and Truths

So, were you one of those threatened by the December 21, 2012 "End of the World" prophecy?

If I am still blogging about this and you are still reading it, then that means we are still alive and there was never an end of the world...unless the predictions are again a tad late, or our interpretations were incorrect.

Who were those silly Mayan peeps who predicted this "doomsday" stuff anyway?

The Mayan civilization dominated Central America for nearly 2000 years, but by the 9th century A.D., the great Mayan cities were abandoned, and the Mayan people vanished. What could have happened to this advanced culture?

Could the Maya have left clues as to how they surpassed other cultures in science, mathematics, time keeping, and most importantly, astronomy?

In recent years, hieroglyphs have been decoded to reveal that the Maya were able to accurately predict shifts in the Earth's axis every 26,000 years. Inscriptions on the sarcophagus of their most prominent ruler, King Pakal, tell of a journey to the Milky Way. And a sophisticated calendar foretells of the end of the world in 2012.

Most striking is their belief that knowledge was passed to them by otherworldly beings who descended from the sky. Could the ancient Maya have actually conspired with extraterrestrial visitors to plan the future--and even the very end of the world?

But there is a debate that the Mayans actually did not vanished. Some people say there are many thousands of them in Central America and Mexico right now. According to their theory, the Spanish killed and reeducated many Mayans, forcing Catholicism and Spanish beliefs on them, as well as a new calendar.

However, they did not get all of them. Mayan is still spoken in many Mayan communities throughout Central America, though the written language of hieroglyphs was mostly forgotten because the Spaniards burnt nearly all Mayan literature.

Funny thing is...if the Mayans really could predict the end of the world, how come they were were not able to predict the Spaniards from coming?

I believe no one can really give the exact explanation of the Mayan calendar. The Mayan made that, maybe because they had a very good reason, and they just want to inform and warn us, so that all of us will be prepared if ever that happens.

But as we all know, there are many beliefs during the old days that have been proven by Science and Technology as false. After all, educated people were very rare those days, and many were incommunicado with each other because there was no Internet or social media back then.

No one can tell if the world will really end. 
It will not end in just a day.

I know all of us are noticing all types of calamities happening in every country. We should stop abusing nature. If the world ends, it is because of the people and not because of gods, aliens or a man-made prophecy.

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