Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sony Alpha 5N, 5R, or 6 from Sony

Review on the 5R? 

Well it has a way better interface w/ the 5N, one button to access shooting mode, really fast AF that the 5N but the 6 is AF is still a bit faster, added dial control and FN button adds a BIG difference in control and accessibility of different camera functions. The 16-50mm PZ Lens is more awesome compare to the 18-55mm although I think I'm still gonna use the SEL50F18 more.

Ergonomics is still great and same w/ the 5N although I have to admit mas masarap sa kamay Nex 6 kasi di masyado crumpled kamay mo. IMO Nex 5R is a "Fun" camera, where the Nex 6 is more of a "Purist" camera.

Yaman? no, I actually planned to only keep one, di lang ako marunong siguro mag-appreciate ng Viewfinder kasi noob that why selling my Nex 6.

How's the touch screen ng 5R compared sa 5N since resistive instead of capacitive?

Honestly, no idea. Although it's less sensitive than the 5N but I like that it's less sensitive kasi dun sa 5N ko madalas accidentally ko naa-activate touch focus and usually yung focus area ay leftmost corners ng screen w/c is quite irritating. I think sony deliberately reduce the touch sensitivity on the 5R to avoid or minimize accidental activation of the touch shoot and/or touch focus feature. The Nex6 LCD works exactly like the Nex 5n or 5r screen but automatically shuts-off if your using the EVF.

Comparison on the 5R vs 6

Besides having a Mode Dial, Built-in Flash and EVF. The 5R seems to have all the features of the Nex 6. It even has AEL w/c a lot of 5N user was looking for.

I'm very liking the Touch Shoot feature of the 5R w/c I guess would be excellent for street photography. I'm not sure if the 5N had this feature, but the 5R has focus tracking on video mode as well.

Worth it to upgrade from 5N to 5R?

YES. but if you just got your 5N then NO. The 5R has a more improved user friendly interface besides the added features, It's basically a Nex 6 without a viewfinder, hotshoe and built-in flash but is way more compact and light, has a very good touch shoot feature and a 180 degree tilting LCD. I'm honestly surprise that I'm liking the 5R more than the Nex6 w/c I both have. BTW, I just sold my Nex6 tonight, my wife fell in love with the 5R naman so I have to get another 5R. heheh.

I almost forgot to mention that the 5R comes with a very compact Power Zoom lens. This lens cost $300 right? correct me if I'm wrong. And according to some user review, it has better contrast and sharpness corner to corner compared to the older 18-55mm kit lens.

I'm not saying the Nex 5R is better than the Nex 6. It's just I like the 5R more than the Nex6 and other people might like the Nex6 more than the 5R.

Tried using photo sharing app of the 5R thru my Ipad. Basically you can choose if you want to share your photos in VGA, 2MP or Original Resolution. I set it to 2MP and started selecting w/c photos I want to transfer from the 5R to my Ipad and it will start transfer/copying photos SUPER FAST like 1 photo/sec including the resizing to 2MP from 16MP. This is only 1 of the apps for the wifi capability of the 5R and I'm gonna say I'm impress even though people are saying it's just a gimmick.

How did the 5R connect to your iPad. Dapat ba eh connected sila sa same wi-fi or direct connection between the two? 

The 5R will work as a hotspot and you will connect your device (in my case, an Ipad) to the 5R. Once connected, launch the Playmemories app on your device and start selecting and transferring image from the camera to your device.

Can the wifi in the 5R be used na parang tethered shooting, para you can review your ahots on a bigger screen?

Yes, infact you can use your apple or android device as a remote also and it automatically saves a copy of every shot you took w/ the Nex on your device.

I'm planning to buy Sony Nex camera, which is better: 5N with dual kit lens 16, 18-55mm
or 5R with 16-15mm ?

5N Dual lens vs 5R 16-50mm lens. Let's concentrate on their lenses. 5N comes with an 18-55mm standard zoom lens and a pretty small 16mm pancake lens. Combine these two lenses into one lens and you get the 16-50mm power zoom pancake lens that comes with a 5R. why bring two lenses if you can bring only one right? The only cons of the 16-50mm is it's slightly slower f/3.5 on it's widest 16mm setting compared to slightly faster F/2.8 of the 16mm pancake prime. For me, I will choose the 5R with 16-50mm and that's even before we look at the new specs and feature of the 5R.

*credits to TPCMAN

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