Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Torchlight 2 Trivia

Here are some random trivia about Torchlight 2

1. You can change the difficulty and re-roll the world (randomize the level) on LAN and Internet.
2. When you finish Act 4 you can do the Mapworks or newgame+ (up to newgame++, newgame+++, newgame++++).
3. There's no difference in loots regardless of difficulty (Casual, Normal, Veteran, Elite). newgame+ has better drops and crazy stuff/monsters
4. Once you're in newgame+, you can't party with characters not in newgame+.
5. Legendary items (red/orange) can be dropped somewhere at lvl 50+ or 55+.
6. Newgame monster starts at lvl 50+
7. Max level 100 = 100 skill points, fame (killing champions) rank 50 = 50 skill points.
8. Roaming NPC enchanters, some have rare enchanting capabilities.
9. Same dual weapons can Execute.
10. Hammer, axes... has splash damage, claw at range weapons has none.
11. You have 4 skill scroll slots on character + 4 skill scroll slots on pet.
12. Your pet can sell your stuff and buy supplies in town and return.
13. You can permanently transform your pet, forgot the item something like primastic...
14. Rare random room = ex. Notch room (minecraft creeps, drop cobblestone sword)
15. Leveling tier skill from 5, 10, 15 gives bonus passive effect(s)
16. Mod kit/tools (after 2 or 3 weeks from released date)
17. There's sniffer guard for cheats, if you got detected you will have a cheater flag on your name.

*credits to obzz, TPC
18. You can kick and ban cheaters (they cannot join your game anymore unless unbanned).
19. Mods on multiplayer must be installed on all player computers.

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