Friday, January 1, 2021

#TanginaMoHHE: MNL48 fans angry over termination of Duran twins

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Silence is not an option when it comes to unified dissent, unified resistance, unified call for transparency and accountability.

We deserve an explanation. We deserve an acceptable reason.

Imagine announcing the termination of members on NEW YEAR'S EVE!

MNL48 fans didn't hold back in expressing their anger and disappointment over the termination announcement made by HHE today.

They truly deserve this trend, 3 years of Hell, and now it's time to speak up the truth!

The hashtag #TanginaMoHHE is now trending on Twitter Philippines, currently at the fourth rank with more than 2,000 tweets.

#TanginaMoHHE  for terminating the twins. Tangina ninyo for placing them in the shadow for years.

"Due to a major violation." Please define. 

I know contract stipulations are confidential, but I hate it when you leave fans to speculate to vague situations.

Emz @ Rizal Park, Duran twins @ DNE? Yun na? That's MAJOR?

Amidst the termination announcement made by HHE earlier today, Shaina and Shaina Duran will hold a live stream on their YouTube channel and Facebook gaming page tonight, as per their official fan club Friends Fries.

Craving for Jaydee and laney's termination.

We don’t want a member who says the N-word, makes fun of ableist, tea spiller, jowa peeps, and a covid-19 protocol violator who give free cheki’s w/o social distancing

HHE, terminate them you bitch.

Terminate Jaydee and Laney.

Imagine, nasa internet na yung evidence na lumalabag sa rules si jaydee and laney plus kalat na kalat pa yet you guys are turning a blind eye on it? BIG YUCK!

Since day 1 wala pa kong nakikita na ikakaterminate ng kambal di tulad ng iba diyan may kapit yata kaya nasa group pa rin..

Duran Twins deserve better, and it's out of HHE's management!

Sa totoo lang, napaka obedient ng kambal and ni Emz tapos gaganyanin lang ni HHE?

Come to think of it when I told my friends about HHE's business practices, nasabi niya sa akin na pwedeng grounds for a legal case.

Ito lang yung magagawa para mag ayos siguro ang HHE kaso members lang yata pwede mag file?

Sadly, only families and the members can file a case against HHE.

HOWEVER, fans can file another case regarding about the delayed merchandise/s though.



The hastag #TanginaMoHHE is such a big mood! That management really sucks big time. They need to level up their game or else that $$$ they're aiming for won't happen because all of the aces of MNL48 already left.

This is nonsense! Our girls deserve a better management!!! No problem with the staff, I'm sure they're pissed off as well. It's for the executives. Especially Kuropt. That man is gahaman af.

With the exemption of coach Angel, coach Mia, at lahat ng empleyado na nagtitiis kahit walang sweldo. Thank you for your hard work po BUT YOUR LEADERS SUCK.

Rarely do I swear but the current state of affairs merits my profane speech.

They say quitters never win. But we walk the plank on a sinking ship.

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