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No More Merry Christmas for Criminals if Duterte Becomes President?

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“My advice to the criminals, the drug lords, and the corrupt is to include turning over a new leaf in their New Year’s resolutions. The moment we have Duterte as president, this will be the last happy Christmas you will celebrate,” - Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano

My emotions was divided when I saw his advertisement on TV where he greets criminals a Merry Christmas and then say it might be the last time they will enjoy the season if they will continue with their ways. I wanted to laugh out loud but was equally afraid that he might just get away with it. With how the Filipinos think, the reality of him being voted as President might just come true.

Crime is the no. 1 problem a common Filipino is facing now. Economy already started to grow and will further grow once crime is seriously addressed. 

Duterte has spent almost 40 years in government service. He was first elected as mayor at age 43. We all know what he is known for.

If elected, presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte and vice presidential aspirant Allan Peter Cayetano  said they will increase government security forces while implementing inclusive economic growth programs in Mindanao. They said they would implement an aggressive national anti-crime campaign, starting in identified hot spots. They said they will stamp out criminality, illegal drug trafficking and corruption in their first year in office.

Cayetano said they will reduce crime rate to half in just one year through aggressive law enforcement. Crime rate to drop by half in his 1st year of office is a tough target, but is a pretty good start to clean our neighborhoods. The country needs an iron hand to deal with criminals. And we have too many of them at the moment (outside of Davao, that is).These kinds of people can't be stopped in their criminal ways by diplomatic methods... A tooth-for-a-tooth is the only law they recognize. And who, among all the presidential candidates, can strike fear in their hearts? Duterte have proven even as mayor to have made Davao city peaceful, less crime, no fireworks during New Year, smoking ban and few criminals and drug lords.

Is this a practical and achievable target?

However, weeks ago, Duterte said that he will eliminate crime in 3-6 months. Now, Cayetano is saying that they will bring it down to 50%. What will they be saying in a few months time?

"The more Draconian measures, the better. Let the hangings be publicly televised as well (the more barbaric and dramatic, the better) to instill ~*discipline*~ especially to the kids (so what if they might be traumatized?). Let's also scrap rehabilitation because it's from the West (anything from the West = bad) and it's "soft" (we can never ever reform it, assuming but not conceding it's "soft"). And if you're addicted, you're a done deal; you can't be rehabilitated (without giving any substantial evidences to prove this) so might as well kill you instead -- at least we helped the funeral parlor industry. 
Let's allow Duterte to trample our human rights because his so-called ~*political will*~ and dazzling ~*iron fist*~ will remove (in a span of 3-6 months) corruption, criminality and all other injustices in this beloved country (including but not limited to not burying Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani which Duterte disagrees). /sarcasm" - Clarence Cedric Lee

“This is the last time to greet you as mayor. My life will never be the same again. If I lose, I will still be around but retired. If I win as president, then I have to work because there are promises to keep,” Duterte said over his weekly TV program Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa. 
Duterte also said he is “ready” to accept his fate if he would lose or win in the presidential race. 
“If I lose, I will not lose sleep over it. I will not die if I do not make it to the presidency. But should I win, I am also ready to keep the promises I made,” he added. 

"We don't really need a president to discipline us. If we really want a change, we must start from ourselves. Discipline is a self-imposed trait. You don't need another person to tell you what to do. God never imposed. He gave us free will. If you say otherwise, then you don't have the right to complain how things are." - Jose Jonas Jose III

"As per my friend's post, "how different will this be from what ISIS is doing?"
After all, ISIS believes that what they are doing is right while the rest of the world disagree. 
Public hangings will traumatize not only the criminals but also those who are innocent. Public hangings will traumatize and humiliate the families of these criminals for the rest of their lives. I'd like to think that as a country, we all do not want to live in fear cause our ancestors fought so hard tofree this nation from abusive tyrants. I don't want my future children to see dead bodies lying around and people getting killed in front of everyone as if it's a normal thing to see. I don't want them to grow up numbed by violence and grow up believing that it's okay to kill if someone wronged you and if you think you are right. 
I hope that people would be more critical even if they are hungry for change. I hope that we would think beyond of what we think we need now. 
Let us not put this guy in Malacanang, please? All of you can say that he's just being exaggerated or whatever and you just don't like him cause he's a womanizer and all that. No. I don't care if he's a womanizer and if he has a foul mouth. I'm scared of the drastic steps he would be taking just to achieve the "peace and order" he claims to want for this country. 
On a lighter note, let us not forget how Anakin Skywalker thought that it's okay to give Supreme Chancellor Palpatine full power over the Galactic Republic because with it, "more can be done". With his actions and his clouded judgment on what he thinks is right, he helped Palpatine build the Galactic Empire that no one could go against. 
Let us not be like Anakin who became an enabler of the Dark Side of the Force."- Eula See

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