Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thanos and the Infinity Stones

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So, for a while now Ive been going over in my head this thing about the infinity stones being found in certain items and those items starting letters spelling THANOS. T-Tesseract, H-?, A-Aether, N-?, O-Orb, S-Sceptre.

I've been really interested in this concept/theory because its a nice little teaser easter egg. But, it got me thinking. What could H & N be? So I assumed it would be mystical or magical.

My mind shot to Thor, then to Mjolnir, but of course that doesnt start with H or N. Where as, Hammer does. I thought encased within Mjolnir was the Soul gem. This makes sense because for the user to lift the hammer they must be worthy, the hammer may do so by checking your soul. A power the soul gem would probably have. It also occurrd to me that when Thor created Vision there was no real difference between Ultron and Vision (except the rest of Jarvis, but I didnt believe that could cause the two AI beings to be so different). So I say Thor creating Vision with Mjolnir gave Vision a soul, this also means Vision's soul is the purest since he was created from the Soul gem and thus granting hik the ability to lift Mjolnir because he has that pureness, worthiness and connection to the gem within Mjolnir. Another possible power the soul gem has. It also makes sense for Odin to have hidden it within the hammer because it can only be lifted by those who are worthy, it isnt really an obvious Infinity Stone hiding spot and its gotta be difficult to crack.

Then I read that the soul gem is associated with Dr Strange, but I reconciled because Marvel have been differing a fair bit from the comics when it comes to their movies.

So that leaves N. With the release of the picture of Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr Strange, we see The Eye of Agamotto (forgive any spelling errors). The EoA clearly has a green gem inside it, so I checked what the gem colours usually are and soul is generally green, but again looking at the MCU and the comics differences appear instantly.

Power = Red
Reality = Yellow
Space = Purple
Mind = Blue
Soul = Green
Time = Orange

Power = Purple
Reality = Red
Space = Blue
Mind = Yellow
Soul = ?Orange
Time = ?Green

These differences allow my theory to remain possible. So if the Soul gem is within Mjolnir. Then, if my suspicions about the green gem in The EoA are correct, the Time gem is in The EoA. So N doesnt really fit with "Eye Of Agamotto", but it does with Necklace.

T- Tesseract- Space
H- Hammer- Soul
A- Aether- Reality
N- Necklace- Time
O- Orb- Power
S- Sceptre- Mind

Also when looking at the Comics, the soul gem appears to be the central gem in the gauntlet in all cases with the other gems varying their own positions with each other. If the position of th soul gem is kept the same within the MCU then it would be at the centre. If you look at a screenshot of the teaser that was released of the MCU's Thanos with the IG containing all the Infinity Stones you will notice the central gem is the Orange gem. So assuming that the central gem is the soul and it is indicated to be orange then the time stone must be green. This is further evidence that the EoA contains a Green Time gem.

Credits to James Burman

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