Thursday, December 31, 2015

Find the Panda: Our Fascination with these Puzzles

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Remember Where's Waldo, well illustrator Gergely Dud├ís, who goes by the pen name Dudolf, posted this drawing to his Facebook page, challenging readers to spot a panda in an army of snowmen. 

People went nuts trying to look for the black and white mammal in a mostly black and white illustration. Many thought it would be easier but I guess the difficulty was varying to many people.

People even took the great Panda search to Twitter when they were frustrated they couldn't find it. While some who were able to find the Panda wanted to brag about their accomplishment. After all, it was fun to boast how many seconds or minutes it took them to find the elusive Panda.

Then a new challenge arise and the search this time was to look for a cat among a sea of owls.

But I think people wanted more of the panda so soon there was a Find the Panda among a sea of heavy metal artists. Then, due to the popularity of the new Star Wars movie, it was inevitable that a Find the Panda Star Wars version would come out with an objective to Find the Panda among a sea of storm troopers. Lol!

Inspired by the Find the Panda puzzles, Tracy Lynn Heightchew decided to up the game and posted this old photo of a Junior Achievers Conference in Bloomington, 1978, which she promises to have a panda somewhere.

Have you also seen the parking lot full of a bunch of ‘80s-era hatchbacks (and some Volvo 240s) with one Fiat Panda hidden in the mix.

Have you also seen the Find the Panda among Find the Poop Emoji in a sea of cupcakes?

The above photo shows a person hidden among the panda stuff toys. Can you find him?

Find the Cat in a Sea of Owls

Find the Panda in a Sea of Fiats

Find the Panda in a Sea of Heavy Metal Artists

Find the Panda in a Sea of Men

Find the Panda in a Sea of Snowmen

Find the Panda in a Sea of Storm Troopers

Find the Poop Emoji in a Sea of Cupcakes

Why are we fascinated with these "Find the Panda" puzzles? Well, I guessed we all want to be challenged. When we are dared to excel and compete with the accomplishments of others, we become more interested to participate or get involved.

We are naturally challenged to do better. This is why human beings could never get any satisfaction. Because we believe there is always a higher level of excellence. Whether it may be for puzzles like these, people tend to strive harder for recognition.

Now, it's up to us if we will consider it as a positive attribute or something that would always pull us down regardless of our status in life.

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