Sunday, January 16, 2022

White Castle whisky picks LGBT Sassa Gurl as calendar model for 2022

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Is this acceptable?

Whisky brand White Castle picks popular internet personality Sassa Gurl as its calendar model for 2022.

Is it about time ba talaga na magka baklang endorser ang alak dahil majority ng sales are from LGBTQ+ community?!

Papalag ba ang mga "tunay" na kalalakihan dito? Nakakasira ba sa image ng mga "boys" at macho men?

Kudos to White Castle Whisky?

It's okay for us that Sassa Gurl was used for mockery to entertain male drinkers?  Should we contextualize this issue using the marketing history of White Castle--those women models or endorsers who were valued not for laughs, not as caricatures of crude or ugly femininity?

"Let’s be reminded: hindi lang iisa ang mukha at hugis ng trans woman. Trans people are diverse too. 

Sassa isn’t our trans pageant queen. She represents the feisty, the unapologetic, the non-conforming trans woman whose talent is comedy.

She represents those who choose not to transition. "

The fact that this "activist" and "social anthropologist" misconstrues Sassa Gurl's expression as bakla as mockery of trans women says enough for the ways in which Western queer rhetoric erases indigenous bakla narratives and marginalizes this kind of gay.

Just because a bakla does not conform to being either a homosexual man or a transgender woman does not mean they are aiming to be laughing stocks. Have you considered maybe they're just like that? They do not have to conform to either western gay maleness or trans womanhood to exist!

Sassa is said to be fun, funny, and witty! So let’s not take away her moment and let her shine in her own element. In the same manner that we should let everyone be — the  smart, well-read, argumentative critics.

Many have assumed on the basis of our transgression of the Western binary that this kind of gay only exist to be jokers. What if they are simply transgressive by nature under colonial patriarchy? The fact that many assumed they're jokes says more about majority of our fellow Filipinos than these gays. Maybe we're mostly "transphobic".

Many really get offended by people who gatekeep representation?

The mere fact that there are still misconceptions and whatnot with the LGBTQIA+ community speaks largely of how even the slightest representation matters.

That alone speaks of how internalized homophobia/transphobia is still alive in today’s time.

I get where many are coming from, because there have been countless misrepresentations and maltreatment of trans women in the media.

Trans people are not any less dahil lang hindi "passing" sa "standard" representation of the typical. I guess many just so badly want to be right kahit hindi.

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