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The benefits of a Smart TV

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Smart TVs have slowly but surely begun to become essential within every household, in fact, within 2021, it was reported that 67% of households now own a smart TV which accurately shows how much they are dominating the TV market. However, some may ask, what is so great about a smart TV and what do they offer that a normal TV doesn’t? Let's jump straight into the benefits of a smart TV. 


Extended access to additional content

One of the main and most prominent benefits of a smart TV is the ability to access a wider range of content than a normal TV offers. With a standard TV, there is no ability to access the internet, therefore, streaming services are not an option unless you invest in a device that plugs into your HDMI that allows you to do so. Once they are set up, a smart TV gives the user access to a wide range of apps that are available for free download, and in most cases, the user should already have an account linked to the apps they wish to download and use. Apps such as Netflix, Hayu, Spotify, and YouTube are some of the wildly popular apps that smart TVs have to offer to give the viewer such a wide range of content for endless amounts of entertainment.


Still have access to live TV

Although a smart TV offers much more choice than a standard TV, a main benefit of a smart TV is that the viewer still has access to live TV. This makes it easier when purchasing a smart TV as smart TV prices are not as ridiculous as they were in the past and quite often, they are priced similarly to normal TVs, making it a no-brainer to purchase a smart TV over a standard TV. Ensure that you have a functioning TV aerial to access digital TV, contact us for


Only reliant on one remote control

Clutter can be frustrating, especially when it comes to electronics. There is not much worse than having to depend on several devices to operate one device, and yes, we are referring to TV remotes! In the past, it is likely that we had a remote for our TV, our DVD player and not to mention whatever other devices were compatible with our TVs such as gaming devices like an Xbox or Nintendo Wii click here  for more. You know yourself that the clutter of different remotes was annoying and even more so when you lacked storage for them. With a smart TV, everything comes under the one remote, this means that there is less mess and accessing platforms is a whole lot easier for everyone. 


Easy to use 

Although a smart TV may sound complex to some, they are actually the complete opposite. Think about it, we all thought the same thing when the smartphone was released and now there is no looking back and they are such simple devices to use! The same goes for a smart TV. Setting up a smart TV is very much similar to setting up a normal TV and once the device has been connected to your home WiFi, you are all set to go! 

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