Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Robin Padilla: BS History Major in Youtube Conspiracy Theory


Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Whaaatttaa a good one to start the day, Good Morning maliban kay Robin Padilla.

OMG! Kakapanood ko lang nang live ni Robin Padilla, 5 days ago about sa dapat tayo raw magprotekta sa mga sundalo natin ganon-ganon. Tapos ngayon naman, spanish school daw DLSU. OMG! I CANNOT!

Robin Padilla has declared that DLSU was established “for insulares, peninsulares and mestizos” during the Spanish colonial period. For this, he got called out by a history group who warned the public about misleading information. 

 If Robin Padilla is the role model of men who subscribe to machismo culture then I'm no longer curious as to why most men with toxic masculinity are inherently brainless good-for-nothings who don't do much other than mansplain and parade around their incompetence.

On June 16, 1911, led by American Irish Christian Brothers,  opened De La Salle College in Nozaleda St., Paco Manila.

Dear Robin,

Nagkalat ka na naman.

"Ang De La Salle University (DLSU-Manila) ay itinatag noong June 16, 1911 noong panahon ng mga Amerikano."

Yung asawa mo ay galing sa DLSU, nagtanong ka na lang sana muna bago nagkalat.

Let's not allow revisionist fool Robin Padilla to rewrite our history. To think that Robin Padilla's wife now is Mariel Rodriguez who graduated at DLSU.

Robin Padilla has no other talent or skill aside from converting food into fecal matter....and oh...I almost forgot, also kissing the asses of this incompetent government.

Robin Padilla is proof that with the right amount of clout, the right amount of misplaced confidence, the right amount of disregard to facts, and the right amount of arrogance and ignorace-- you can be a historian for as long as you have internet connection and a laptop.

It is because he is one of PDUTS' propagandists just like mocha, bong go, banat by, jam magno, roque, smni, etc.... remember that PDUTS gave him pardon.

Just in: Robin Padilla confirmed that the ancient city of Agrabah really existed after watching the Disney animated film Aladdin. 

Na confuse daw dahil nanonood ng cartoons ang mga anak nya. Pati Madagascar at Moana dinamay pa.Sasabihin din nya na nakita nyang hinahabi ang margic carpet! 

.. And Robin Padilla also found out that the Surname of Alladin is Padilla! 

Seriously, seems like Mr. Robin Padilla dethroned Mocha Uson. Oh well, what can we expect from a DDS?

-False info? Yes

-May intent to harm? Yes. His statement aimed to discredit those calling him out for a previous false info

-Is this disinformation? Based on Wardle & Derakhshan’s diagram below, yes

-Bobo ba si Robin Padilla? Pwede

-Evil ba sya? YES. He’s doing this deliberately 

Robin Padilla is or a graduate of Bachelor of Science with double degree in Fake Information History and Minor in Facebook YouTube TikTok Social Media Conspiracy Theory.

Dear Ex-convict Robin Padilla, you're a fucking loser, and a pathetic excuse for a human... Eat shit, you fucking moron!

Grabe na ang kamangmangan nya. Please Robin Padilla, andyan lang ang google bago ka mag daldal research muna ha. Mahiya ka sa mga lasallista. 

Robin Padilla for DepEd Secretary!

Joke lang talaga dapat 'yan a la Caligula pero wala nang imposible sa rehimeng ito kaya pwede na rin magkatotoo.

We’ve got the likes of Robin Padilla, Mocha Uson (wherever she is, so Jam Magno sub muna), etc as the propaganda’s tactic to distract us from the real issues: pandemic response, WPS, Bong Go campaigning in the regions, etc.

Paano nangyari na naging ganito ka BASURA ang mga personalidad sa pulitika dito sa Pilipinas?


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