Friday, May 7, 2021

#DuterteDuwag backs out of his debate dare to Justice Carpio


Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Apparently the dog can't walk the talk.

#DuterteDuwag tops Twitter's trending list in the Philippines on Friday, May 7, as President Duterte backs out of a debate with retired Supreme Court justice Antonio Carpio. 

This comes after the President himself challenged Carpio to a debate on the West Philippine Sea. 

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque says he will debate with retired justice Antonio Carpio, instead of President Rodrigo Duterte. 

So, you instigate a debate and back out from it AND THEN have someone who’s as incompetent as you are to replace you....

Am I watching a badly written sitcom? 

Nakakahiya! Sobrang areas bayag na masasabi ang pag-atras ni Duterte sa kanyang sariling hamon. Wala na siyang pwedeng ipagyabang after this.

#DuterteDuwag Backs out of debate coz he followed the Cabinet’s Advice against hum participating in the debate! Wait? Sino ba nag hamon? Ulol talaga itong hayop na Ito.

Only in the Philippines, where you can back out of a debate you initiated. 

Duwag is an understatement. Sobrang kahihiyan Ito. Mga DDS ay lubusang nahiya sa ginawang kanilang pwesidente.

Even in debate #DuterteDuwag. What a way to embarrass yourself in public.

Unfortunately, wala talagang credibility and a liar.  Carpio would have eaten the monster alive....and the monster would have went back home to Davao to hide under his bed.

Talawan! Coward! Duterte dares, then slinks away. No surprise, he’s a sissy. Just say you’re scared and go  lick Chinese asses which is the only thing this monster is good at. 

In other words, the Palace saving Duterte's ass as they know his mouth is only a powder barrel of defamatory remarks.

He will not survive the debate. Lamon kung lamon. 

Former UP debate coach turned devil and epal about to take his amo's place? Roque, it ain't your place. Roque is a professional "Tagapagsinungaling ng Panggulo." He is not fit to debate an honest Justice Carpio.

Feelingero si dolphin na magka level sila ni Ret. SC Senior AJ Carpio.

Justice Carpio should now designate a  law student to debate Roque... Proxy vs proxy para patas.

It is not Justice Carpio’s level to debate Roque. Feeling si spox?! Besides, everything he says can be justified later on as “unofficial?” 

It is was actually a shame—the most disgusting form of shame—for an inutile President to debate on our national sovereignty, instead of simply doing the right thing—to fight for it.

But we do not expect any of that from Duterte. He’s nothing but an imperialist puppet.

Sa pag-urong ni Duterte, this famous quote from Napoleon Bonaparte comes to my mind. No wonder if current leaders of our AFP and PNP are the on the same tune regarding Hague ruling at WPS.

 A “dowager” is a widow with a title or property derived from her late husband. A “duwager” is the incumbent President of the Philippines. 

How can you trust someone who has no word of honor? Puro salita kulang sa gawa! 

.Justice Carpio called his bluff and now Duterte's balls are nowhere to be found!!! Justice Carpio's Intellectual capacity is too far to mr. Duterte. "kayo naman, nagbibiro lamang ang ating presidenteg ugok.

#DuterteDuwag Ang teleserye ni #Duwagterte. Surprise! (Not!) At least andaming natawa.

Next: spin that Duterte was just trolling Carpio, at nauto naman daw ito... lols.

Also next: demolition job vs Carpio... 3.2.1...

Duterte is not only incompetent but is also la lying corrupt, coward & traitor.

He literally proves us correct everyday & that should be enough to make us work harder as we have a lot of things to do to make sure 2022 onwards will be a much better Philippines for everyone.

Roque and his ilk can use whatever justification they want to excuse #DuterteDuwag from engaging Carpio in a debate, but let the records show that it was Duterte himself who challenged Carpio to the said debate.

I'm not surprised at all! Also, Justice Carpio, don't waste your time on the clown.

In light of the situation, do you think Carpio would be a good candidate for President? I mean, may chance kaya na manalo siya if ever na tumakbo siya? In case na hindi tumakbo si VP. 


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