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The 5 Camping Tent Tips You Need to Know

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If you’re going camping tent shopping, that probably means that you have an excursion in your future. Maybe you plan on taking the kids on an adventure to a national park. It could be that you’re not feeling that ambitious yet, and you’re taking your tent no further than the backyard.

Either way, there are some camping tent tips about which you should know. We’ve cultivated this list, and we’re passing our knowledge on to you. Consider each of these factors before you pull the trigger and purchase your next camping tent.

Select One that’s Easy for You to Set Up

As you look at camping tents, one of the first things you should think about is how easy to set up it is. If you’re camping in the backyard, it’s not such a big deal if you have an uncooperative tent. You can go back inside, study the directions some more, or even go online and look for some message boards. Maybe other individuals are running into the same problems that you are.

However, if you’re out in the wild, and night is falling, that tent is your shelter. Maybe you’re miles from your vehicle or any other human comforts, or perhaps it’s starting to rain. In that scenario, you’re going to want a tent that you can figure out how to construct relatively easily. 

Figure Out How Many People Can Fit Inside

If you’re going camping, and you have three people, plus a three-person tent, then you should be in good shape, right? Well, not necessarily.

It could be that you’ve got three individuals who are going on this trip. Maybe all three of you come from a larger family, and you know that the average tent won’t fit you.

If all of you try to cram into this one tent, you might be practically lying on top of each other. That’s not going to be very comfortable for you, and perhaps you’ll need to deal with it for multiple nights if this is a longer trip.

If you’re a larger person, and you know you’re going camping with some other sizeable individuals, you might go for a four or a six-person tent, even if there are just three of you.

Look at the Safety Features

If you’re going to be in an area with venomous snakes, ticks, or other wildlife that you’d prefer not to encounter up close, think about that as you look at the various tent models out there. You might look closely at the zipper and tent flaps.

Ideally, there should be a way for you to keep nature safely outside your tent. There might not be any tent that can save you from a rampaging grizzly bear attack. Still, you at least want one that can not just keep the elements off of you but which you can also zip up to keep most animals and insect invaders outside.

Try Setting Up the Tent and Getting Inside It Before You Leave

Returning to what we were saying before, you want to be sure that you can not only set up the tent while outdoors but also that everyone fits inside who’s going on the trip. When you’re out in nature and there’s no chance to go back is not the time to do that.

Once you get your tent, try setting it up in your living room or some other suitable place before you ever take it into the wild with you. That way, you can be sure that you can erect it with no issues. You can also all pile inside of it to see if you’re comfortable or whether you need a larger model.

See What Additional Tools You Need to Set It Up

What additional setup tools you need is one final aspect to keep in mind. Most tents do not require a lot of extra tools for you to set them up. You’ll probably need a mallet or a hammer to pound the tent stakes into the ground, but other than that, the tent should come with everything to get it ready for use.

If it doesn’t, look and see how many extra tools or what other paraphernalia the tent requires to set it up. You might have to carry all of that for several miles, and you don’t want all of it to weigh you down. The best tent is highly portable and doesn’t require lots of extra setup equipment.

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