Friday, February 26, 2021

Jen Barangan mastered the art of how to say you’re a DDS without saying you’re a DDS

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Jen Barangan called the voices screaming for justice, equal rights, food, shelter, clothing or simply the voices of the marginalized people as ”noise".

Being vocal about political issues isn't a noise. Oppressed, standing up for themselves is not a noise. Being a voice for the oppressed will never be a noise.

Jen Barangan, discrediting people's efforts to be heard screams her privilege, insensitiveness, and her being apathetic.

Thanks for that “official statement” Jen Barangan. Ngayon confirmed na na privileged DDS ka.

Imagine being privileged, apolitical and having no sense of empathy. Yikes!

Oh and the voice of the oppressed and marginalized is NOT JUST A NOISE. Excuse me????

Jen Barangan’s official statement reeks of privilege. imagine calling the cry for change “additional noise” 

Not everyone has the privilege to remain quiet like you, others only have the option to create “additional noise” in order to survive and be heard.

This one’s for you, sit down. 

Jen Barangan said that "she's not a public figure". Gurl you have 2.0M followers on tiktok, like hellooooo??? 

Also, not her saying na she will stay silent kasi if magko-complain pa s'ya about government, additional noises lang. Fyi, the voices of the marginalized aren't noises.

Feeling ko talaga binayaran siya eh. Sobrang dami nang nageeducate sakanya sa tiktok, but she chose to be blind.

Well since nagkaissue siya about it who knows baka updated pa si Roque so she just chose to kiss ass. Minsan talaga pag medyo nadikit lang sa taas nabubulag na.

Konting yuko lang para makita kung ano na yung nangyayari sa nasa ibaba nagkaka-stiff neck na agad.

Kung gugustuhin nya, magagawa nya e. Ilang influencers din nagstitch dun sa mga Videos nya to point out what's wrong pero si ate girl wapakels.

Sinong may link ng una niang sinabi? Meon ba nun sa Twitter? Ang alam ko lang priviliged DDS sya. Sayang sya kung nagkataon mukha naman syang ndi warla unlike Jam Maligno.

To be fair, she was able to clarify something here and that is her not being apolitical but a closeted (not anymore) DDS.

mocha uson > jam magno > jen barangan

It’s the evolution for me.

Listening to Jen Barangan's statements and she still couldn't comprehend how the pandemic and how the incompetence of this government heavily contributed to job loss and poor economic recovery. Sana bago gumawa ng official statement, she could have educated herself more.

Jen Barangan: And yes, there are instances that I don't agree with how they run the country. (But) if I don't have the best idea or I don't have any suggestions on how to resolve certain issues or crises, I'll remain silent and do my part as a good citizen in my own country.

Jen Barangan: Because if I kept on complaining w/o any suggestions on how to resolve those, I will just be an additional noise and our country has enough noises to handle. 

Dear Jen Barangan, educate yourself on the issues. Don't use your clout to tolerate complacency just because you didn't take time to comprehend and to educate yourself a bit more on issues. Public servants are elected to serve the people and fix the issues.

Public servants should not be self-serving and they need to be called out when there is incompetence and corruption. Ang pag-iingay ng mga tao ay senyales na may problema at dapat ito tignan kung ito ay lehitimong reklamo. This should not be taken lightly.

Now, Jen Barangan has been losing followers on Tiktok ever since she posted her video with Harry Roque.

Why's Jen Barangan fan girling over Harry Roque and quoting "not everything is politics?" 

Even the tiniest piece of the rice you ate today involves politics, admit it, you're part of the problem. Lol girl everything is political whether we intentionally link it or not.

It was the fangirling for me.  

If she is claiming innocence, then I will call her out for being privileged, on being not affected by this current admin's shenenigans.

Char.  Not char.

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