Monday, January 11, 2021

Why is Duque prioritizing purchase of Sinovac vaccine?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We're interrupting regular programming by saying Duque should resign. Not just for the coronavirus vaccine, his leadership or lack of it weighed down on the DOH’s pandemic response.

He's incompetent, useless, and has put a risk and will continue putting other Filipinos at risk with his relentless ineptitude.

Duque sealed a deal for 25M doses of Sinovac and if it's PHP3629.50 for 2 doses, they have allotted 45 billion+ for it.

No major Philippine city has picked Sinovac. Not even Davao. 

Only Duque picked it. 

LGUs know better. Duque on the other hand is acting more like Sinovac’s sales agent than he is a health secretary. 

Sinovac is a more expensive and less effective vaccine compared to other choices. According to surveys, it is also the least trusted by Filipinos. Can anyone explain the rationale behind its selection? 

Asking for a pandemic-weary nation.

Tama yung adjective, weary. Sobra nila tayong binombard nang kung anu-anong issue na walang kinalaman sa pandemic.  Ano ba pwede nating gawin? Di pwedeng wala.  Di pwedeng sa pagkakataong ito,  tatahimik na lang. Kalusugan at buhay natin nakataya. Sinusugal nila just to please China?

Alam naman nating lahat ang sagot kung bakit!! Ang masakit lang is kaya nilang isacrifice ang buhay ng Pilipino to please China kahit na andami nang studies na nagsasabi na madaming side effects..

This government will still purchase no matter what. Kahit mag expire sa warehouses like rice. Nothing new & they don't care as long as money flows..

Let’s not overthink. It’s not even wanting to please China anymore. The ph government simply do what they do best— competing with & taunting its people instead of listening to them. Why? Wala lang. Gusto lang nilang mang-inis and secure the upper hand.

Asan ang utak? 

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the better choice is the vaccine that’s less expensive but more effective. There’s a vested interest in there somewhere! 

Duque is more like a Sinovac pharma sales agent, not the health secretary.

Poster Boy for Sinovac Coronavirus vaccine? After failing to sign paperwork with Pfizer, we now know why. This is the worst strategy ever. Very obvious that they want Sinovac to enter the country by intentionally sabotaging our first access to the vaccines.

It's tantamount to Duterte endorsing and promoting human rights after extrajudicially killing so many.

In terms of efficacy:
Moderna: 94.1%
Sinovac: 78%
Pfizer/BioNTech: 95%
Gamaleya: 91.4%
AstraZeneca: 90%

Sinovac has the least efficacy and is second most expensive. It is discombobulating that Duque’s DOH insists on it.

He definitely dropped his balls. Yes. Pun intended. 

Magkano kaya ang commission ni Duque sa Sinovac? Kaya siguro ganyan kamahal kasi may patong na si Duque diyan.

Kahit Astrazeneca nlang sana ang bilhin ng ating government. Halata naman sa list na mas mura at may quality ang Astrazeneca... 

On the other side of the wall (of China.... obviously), here are their reasons:

First, it is one of the few vaccines that will be available soon. The others will be available by the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year. Are yoy willing to wait? 

Second, if we hold out for one brand, will the supply be enough to vaccinate the entire population?

Third, for far flung areas where it will be hard to retain potency for some brands like Pfizer due to its refrigeration reqs, Sinovac or Astra, will be a better choice. 

Lastly, it is already being administered in the Middle East.

Dapat every time may press release ang mga LGU na nag-procure sila ng vaccine, may reporter na magtatanong: "Bakit po hindi Sinovac ang binili natin, Mayor?"

Then maybe these reasons will reach and penetrate the thick skulls of Duque and get into his brain. There is no logical reason whatsoever. You will only be led to believe that they do have something to gain for including Sinovac in the vaccine shopping list.

IDK, seems like Duque's work is actually how to "keep" COVID in the Philippines. Maybe they intend to keep it until 2022 so they could declare a cancellationof election. No election means they get to stay in government.

The joke’s on us because they’re using public funds to procure the vaccines. Whether it’s used or not, they get kickback, we lose.


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