Friday, January 15, 2021

2nd teaser of "Voltes V Legacy" is awesome

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Boazanians are going to invade the world so LET’S VOLT IN! 

Finally a Voltes V update from GMA...but I kinda hate it now because I associated Voltes V with a certain PNP chief already. Tsk tsk tsk.

The 2nd teaser of "Voltes V Legacy" has been circulating online. The said live action adaptation will be produced by GMA Network in partnership with TOEI Inc. and Telesuccess Productions.

Goosebumps!!! Grabe Voltes V! Grew up watching this and even had the action figures. Voltes V was one of my favourite during the good old days, rooting here. I’m stoked with this teaser for VOLTES V. This is so nostalgic!

Gen eXers, let’s volt in! 

Voltes V is such a part of our pop culture that even a song created by kids in a playground during the 2000s used the song's tune for this ditty.

"Eugene, Taguro, Jeremiah, Jericho! Lupin the 3rd minahal si Fujiko! Saludo kami kay Son Goku, at tsaka kay Tito Piccolo! (Kalbo!)" 

I remember singing lyrics of a Christmas song from a song hits magazine to the tune of the Voltes V's theme song. I was about 5 y/o then. It made my brother laugh.

It's amazing to see Japanese people also tweeting about Voltes V. They didn't expect this too. Im proud as a Filipino.

That Voltes V Legacy teaser of GMA is so lit! My Boazanian blood is rising!

Quality over Quantity! GMA Network should only broadcast one episode per week if they plan to maintain that quality of VFX/CGI that they have on the latest "VOLTES V" Trailer. I have high hopes for this! Let's not compromise the work of our VFX artist over unnecessary plot lines.

What's great about the Voltes V: Legacy thing is they're not afraid to have the campy floating skull fortress and whatnot for the aesthetic.... also they know the original OP is Important.

If GMA nails the live-action adaptation of Voltes V, hope Toei will consider giving us another shot on Metal Heroes, but please, enough Shaider. We got traumatized by Zaido already. Also, can we have new Voltes V toys that will not cost me an arm and a leg? 

It looks so beautiful. 

Seeing their formation with the theme song brings me to tears. 

Toei Animation is apparently handling the CGI.

I hope this isn't just for the trailer.

Let's go amazing Filipino CGI media

RPG Metanoia walked so Voltes V Legacy could Volt In.

I am really sooo freaking HYPED! for the Voltes V live action.

Please also take note that during the Marcos dictatorship, Voltes V was banned in the PH for “violence.” However, speculations arose that the reason for it was because Voltes V tackles ideas of rebellion, revolution, and taking down a tyrannical dictator.

Sana yun din ang gusto iparating ng GMA.

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