Thursday, January 21, 2021

Kumon: Every rich and middle class Asian kid knows it

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Every Asian kid has experienced at least one of these classes in middle school: Ballet, Piano, Swimming and/or Kumon...

When I was a kid I wanted to try Kumon because i wanna excel in class and make my family proud. I was already attending Taekwondo, and a member of the school newspaper as artist, plus joined the Youth Marian Crusade Association (YMCA). I even joined art competition and other extra curricular activities. Such an achiever!

Kumon is a tutorial center but with Math & English subjects only and there is assignment everyday. It kinda did help me & at the same time kinda traumatic (probably because my parents expected me to ace everything since i did Kumon).

Mastering subjects kasi yung Kumon kaya kapag hindi mo maperfect ipapaulit talaga yan sa iyo.

I remember in Kumon that we weren't allowed to count using our fingers, so I either counted with my fingers under the table or I'd place my hands on my lap and subtly press my fingers down when I count. that's all I learned from Kumon lmao.

You have to do Math in your mind. No calculator, no fingers, not even writing down the process. You have to solve it in your mind. They give you a small booklet you need to complete in the timeframe given and submit it to them.

Thanks Kumon for the trauma. I'll never forget how they gave me pile of homeworks more than my school ever gave me and the fact that there's always tears in my Kumon homework papers because my dad is so strict when it comes to Math, but its all worth it I guess because it makes me love Math now.

Kumon means war flashbacks to crying at the center until closing time because my teachers were major bitches and wouldnt give me any help if I was stuck and kept asking me to "refer to the examples" 

And getting punished cause I had to fill up my 'example book' and never did. What a crock of shit. Fuck Kumon!


Even the Kumon’s logo represents trauma. Look at it!

The face said it all. I should've known better not wasting that much money into... that?

HOMEWORK. No matter what the occasion is they will ALWAYS give you home work. Christmas? homework. Summer break? fvcking homework.

I have a burning hatred for Kumon. Whoever took Kumon back then are depressed now. Lol!

The nostalgia hit hard when I saw it trending.

I don't wanna go back to that place I'm gonna be real honest.

If you you know, you know. Kumon was a nightmare.

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