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Pinky Webb on Harry Roque: The hair flip says it all

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Even the Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree) at the back of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque does not like him. It's sad and withering.

This is how you manage argument with people with no excellence and honor (sit still, flips hair).

Webb owning Roque's motto in life. "Kalma, ako lang 'to" 

On #TheSource with Pinky Webb, Roque refused to react to what he described as an unfair question on honor and excellence regarding the controversial abrogation of the 1989 UP-DND Accord, which bars unauthorized entry of state forces in its campuses.

Roque was asked for a response to a tweet by journalism professor Danilo Arao, who challenged top government officials who graduated from UP to denounce Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana's letter about the pact's termination.

Webb is a journalist who is standing up for the truth & gave Roque a hair flip when he started bursting out. 

Why is he so triggered?! My goodness this man needs a chill pill to regulate his emotions. How I wish I could throw tantrums on national TV too. Ang taray ng lola mo ha. Galit na galit, gustong manakit.

Watch how Roque mansplains by interrupting Webb and aggressively insisting on what Webb’s question meant despite her clarification.

Bakit mas marami pa yung reklamo niya kaysa sa sagot niya?

You know, the emotional setup of a woman and a man is totally different. You will become a fool here. So... that is the sad story"

Clear who could control their emotions here. 

Obvious na may napikon. Duh!!

So ito ung tweet na kinagalit ni Marz Roque. Dapat siguro kasi mala whitney Houston binasa ni Pinky.

Why is Roque so defensive?

Feeling entitled besh? Tinatanong lang dinidiktahan na agad? Is that how you deal with things kaya lahat na lang kaaway sa inyo?

See his overconfidence in interrupting her and aggressively insisting what she meant— despite her dignified clarification?

It’s the audacity to hijack discursive spaces afforded only by a society that says men can take up spaces, so make the women shrink.

Nice swerve, comment on how you feel about the question and refuse to answer it.

The president says women are not suitable for a high position in the government coz they are too "emotional" yet we have Roque here getting pissed over an interview and having 0% composure. Look at the way Webb handled this mans fragile masculinity.

I mean?? Sino nga raw ulit ang weaker/ more emotional sex and therefore could not lead??

Webb’s deep sigh and subtle eye roll and the hair flip says it all. Where to buy Webb's composure and calmness? Dapat gumanti si Roque nung nag flip ng hair si Webb... Dapat nagtanggal sya ng wig niya.

We have grown men like Roque, Bato, Panelo, Du30, et al having meltdowns & throwing tantrums on national TV.

And then we have women like Pinky Webb, Karen Davila, Pia Ranada, Leni Robredo, et al handling their fragile masculinity w/ a knowing smile & a freakin hair flip.

and they have the audacity to tell the whole world that “Women are too emotional kasi“

Here's Webb & all the times she remained calm, composed, & showed everyone how a queen reacts:

1. She refused to shake the hand of Salceda

2. She looked at her watch while Panelo is on a ranting spree

3. She flipped her hair when Roque started bursting out 

Galing ni Pinky! Na-contain yung nakakabwisit na breakdown ni Roque. Hahahaha.

Such rude and ungentlemanly public service! But then again.. He's been aiming for something else. Well let's set this clear.. He could never have the beauty and grace that Webb has. 

I love how Webb handled it with so much grace while he looks pathetic.

The beauty and grace that Roque could never. Vhaklang twoh! Nice one, Pinky Webb! 

"Bastos" daw - said the one who supports a misogynist, a person who jokes about rape, and rants on public TV kung gaano "kalaki ang ngipin at ngala ngala" ng isang respetadong abogado.

That's how people with class reacts hun, hindi sila bumababa sa level ng iba. 

I wonder how UP people feel with Roque now. Well He can't be spokesperson forever , like Mocha ask him, where does he see himself after 2021?

Baka naman adverse effect yan ng turok ng

Roque tried his best to not let Webb explain/speak her side kasi alam niyang mas may sense/totoo yung sasabihin ni Webb kaya kahit walang kwenta na pinagsasabi niya hala dada pa rin ng dada.... Alam mo yung galit ka pero alam mo yung kalaban mo yung tama kaso denial ka.

Parang nung Kamala Harris-Mike Pence debate.  Or Trump vs Biden/Clinton debate.  Style to win the point is to talk nonstop, the way to feel superior is if they deny their opponent a chance to talk.

Last time I checked, Webb was only asking  Roque some questions in a very polite manner when he bursted out.

You cannot simply "shush" women. It's about time we let you know where women belong in this society. 

Ganyan nila pinapaikot ulo ng mga DDS. Mga walang critical thinking skills. Patunay talaga na may failure sa education system natin. Normal na yan sa DDS. ,Madali sila mauto.

They see Arrogance as Confidence.

They see Delinquent/Tsismosa level banters/jokes as Witty. 

Yun kasi yung level of reasoning nila. Wala sila maisagot eh di reputasyon na lang ng nagtatanong yung questionin mo.

Napansin ko kasi mga tabogo lang din naniniwala sa kanila.

What to expect? Diyan sila nakakapuntos sa DDS. Conviction kuno pero labnaw naman ng sagot. What do we expect from this government... ok lang kaya maging bastos sa gobyernong ito noh! Hello!

Tapos makikita ninyo na lang sa YouTube iyang clip na may caption na “Spox Roque sinupalpal si Pinky Webb” na kala mo big win na naman sa mga DDS.

Yes pati sa FB may mga ganyang “sinupalpal” videos pero sila naman tong nagmukhang tanga.

Nakakaloka bakit imbyerna si Roque kapag babae nagtatanong.. pero kapag si Joseph Morong ang nagtatanong ay pangiti ngiti pa siya.

Harry Roque talking over someone doesn't help him drive his argument... if there were any to begin with. 

Pinky Webb: *flips hair* but really said:

“This bitch doesn’t know how to stay professional. Let me show you how it’s done.”

Lol. It’s the fragile ego that stinks.

Webb must've felt so satisfied for making a retarded politician like harry roque become as pressed as this. what a queen. It's Webb just being absolutely tired of Roque's bullshit.

Yung G na G si Roque tapos flip lang ng flip ng hair si Webb. Love it! Hahaha!

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