Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Black Sands Matter: "Wash In, Not Wash Out," DENR's Antiporda Cries Fake News

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"DENR Undersecretary Benny Antiporda says no white sand along Manila Bay has been washed out. Instead black sand from the sea was washed in."

Waaaahhh! Brilliant! Bravo...very smart! At least now we know, that the black sands by nature in Manila Bay is not insecure of dolomite. Black sand wants to tell the world, the universe rather that it is confidently beautiful with a heart.

So kasalanan pa pala ng black sand? Anak ng Teteng, mga best and brightest talaga yan.

When someone is trying to justify stupidity, "WASH IN" is now the term.

Does the “wash in” make it better? Wow, ang critical thinking skills talaga ng mga officials natin, amazing!

No amount of explanation can cover the waste of millions and destruction/ defacement of a mountain for the sake of money.

Comedy with out par!  This makes my day!  Ha, ha, ha!  Sir Antipords, if that is the case, right from the very beginning, there never was a use for the and white sanding of Manila Bay!  Ang galing mo rin!

Idiot! Are you still telling us that with this scenario, your project is successful? 

You recall all those movies where governments mock and fail to listen to the warnings of scientists ....and then calamities start to happen? 

Now we're in one.


Seriously, it doesn't matter whether the black sands were washed in or the white sands or dolomites were washed out. What is clear to us is, your project is a failure. And you can not just accept the fact that you wasted so much taxpayers' money.

Whatever, bottomline, nawala na yung pinagmamalaki ninyong aesthetic o cosmetic improvement which costed and wasted a huge sum of money.. Nature proved you wrong.

Whichever it was... it is apparently a costly , unnecessary and unsustainable intervention. Don't forget wrongly-timed. 

The Environment Undersecretary also said experts from UP had “no right” to criticize the Manila Bay makeover project, berating them for allegedly receiving millions in consultation fees. "Bayaran kayo!" he accentuates! Lol! 

Kaban ng bayan ginamit niya sa walang kwentang dolomite at taumbayan ang nagpapasweldo sa kanila kaya silang nasa gobyerno ang BAYARAN at hindi ang mga kritiko na nagsasabi lang ng totoo.

The former owner of Remate tabloid and former President of the National Press Club lambasted Sofia Andres for her "rude behavior" in 2018. From Sofia Andres to UP experts, What an improvement!

Reply of UP kong mahal here: 

"...scientific advice and technical inputs are free (from UP) but funds are needed for, "conducting research or laboratory experiments so as to come up with science-based answers or to develop local capabilities."

The Undersecretary's words reflects on how rabid and stubborn DDS fanatics can be even if facts and nature itself is against them.

His position in the DENR is an insult to all career scientists and environmentalists who have worked their asses off in the agency for years. Please send him back to the entertainment industry where that brand of marketing/PR may be tolerated, if not acceptable.

Why is an ass-kissing journalist heading up a science-centric department? Is this the best we can do? A parrot?

DPWH was able to realign their budget to.other projects, it can also be done for this....and SC never ordered to put dolomite or any white sand beach project. The order was to save by cleaning Manila Bay, not to cover the imperfections. You treat your skin disease, not put makeup to hide it.

Ang order ng supreme court ay rehabilitation not reclamation.

To rebutt his statement, why don't we see it for ourselves. The dolomite has eroded more than a foot high for now. Evidence of erosion can be seen by difference in elevation between black and dolomite sand. If indeed it was covered by black sand, elevation would increase not decrease by more than a foot. What would remain after lots of rains and storms of the Ph 350 million dolomites?

The media should ask the DENR if they still think that climate change is real. So we'll know if the DENR is totally fucked up or just a little fucked up. 

I think it’s safe to say that whoever are promoters and implementors of this project are either stupid, very rich now or both.

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